BBNaija 2020: How season 5 housemates got to know each other after launch night

The Big Brother Naija season 5 Housemates made no mistake in getting to vibe with each other as they all made it into the house for the first time in their respective lives.

The environment was absolutely conducive for them after a welcome speech from Biggie and a tour of the house which the 20 gents and ladies had some hours after the launch show.


The bonding came to life as the housemates kicked off the introduction of themselves, their goals and the kinds of people they wish to have as romantic partners.

They told more about themselves by revealing to each other the plans they respectively have in and outside BBNaija house.

And they went on to throw more light on the physical features each of them desire in their prospective romantic partners ranging from dark to light-skinned and the sense they tend to have should the romantic tangling start.

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Friendship and Closeness Underway

More like viewers are expecting, some housemates have began getting close and giving friendship greenlight as Lucy and Dorathy made us understand that it could start off from the dressing room.

And Vee sitting on Praise‘s lap on Sunday night seems too early for Ship vibes but as we may expect, even if they haven’t had that in mind, it could be seen that both of them are getting all the viewers will applaud on a long run.

Who Owns A Bed Space?

While part of settling in Biggie’s house is securing a place to sleep, a minor argument escalated over who has this space and what not. Prince got upset as a result of someone taking over his space, but that didn’t go anywhere further as the bad bloods were soon calmed and good vibe returned back in the house.

Now It’s Time To Play

The settling and introduction almost over for some Housemates to make their way into the bedroom, the rest decided to keep the feelings afresh with a game of Concentration. Neo, who took charge as the game master seemed suited for that and it’s a night.

Literally, a lot of excitement and good vibes are already in the house and Housemates looked charged up and ready to serve the viewers great contents. Let’s keep watching.

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