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Day 12: BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion: Avala and Isilomo fight over a man on TV

REALLY??? This could be a question you will ask after reading this piece of writing. And to get you noticed, we haven’t come to tell you what had really caused the fight but what had caused what we feel that caused it.

And it’s between Saidat Balogun aka Avala and Isilomo Braimoh simply known as Isilomo. A man came in between the friendship they established in June 2019, although like we said earlier, we don’t know what REALLY happened.

During the 12th episode of BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion Show themed Confrontations and Fights, the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu asked Avala what happened between her and Isilomo (outside BBNaija house) which he knew was made public around December 2019.

Avala stated that she and Isilomo were very cool friends but she allowed herself to be used by man (Avala’s supposedly boyfriend) to create an enmity between both of them.

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Like we heard from Avala, she started having problem with a guy who Isilomo knew through her, but instead of Isilomo being in support of her, she went ahead to stand with the guy making Avala to be the bad one and probably make the man choose her over Avala.

Well, Avala clearly noted that she didn’t like Isilomo’s attitude which made her terminate every intimacy they had. And going further, Avala said she had wanted Isilomo to apologise for her actions.

Now, Isilomo comes in and told Ebuka that it’s true she had a misunderstanding with her friend, Avala but demanding for apology is what she couldn’t get to her head, going by the fact that she found no offense in what she had done.

At this point, we may tell you that even Ebuka who knew this topic wasn’t related to Big Brother Naija may never get to the point of knowing what had really transpired between the two ladies.

Besides, Isilomo noted that her fracas with Avala is never a thing that Avala should have come on national TV to tell the whole world, matter of fact, she doesn’t have to make anymore input if asked about it. CASE CLOSED.


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