See how actor, Ik Ogbonna disgraced Nigerians on American rapper, Tory Lanez’ Instalive (video)

On Monday night, April 13, 2020, Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna received a very disgraceful call out and stern warning on Instalive from Canadian-American rapper, Tory Lanez.

It all started when Tory, who was live on Instagram for his “Quarantine Radio Collab Merch” saw many comments and messages flowing inside the comment section. But IK Ogbonna’s comment was all about same posting.


He consistently shared Nigerian flag emojis on the comment section which got Tory annoyed, making him to warn IK to stop posting same thing.

“IK Ogbonna please stop posting same f*cking flag. Please stop posting same f*cking flag. Please stop posting same f*cking flag”, Tory called out.

Meanwhile, the actor, who didn’t seem to heed to the warning continued and this time, with enough flag emojis to display. And the rapper came back with the second and possibly the final warning.

He told IK;

“IK Ogbonna you’re still throwing up same flag. We know you’re repping for your city, but please stop.”

See some reactions from Nigerians who took to micro-blogging platform, Twitter to react.