Lockdown: “Now is the time for couples to know each other more again and restore relationships” – Toke Makinwa

Nigerian popular TV Personality and Host, Toke Makinwa has advised that this lockdown period is a very important time when couples who have not been in good terms with each other need to repair whatever that was broken.

The “self made” Tokstar took to her micro-blogging page to share this stating further that parents and their kids have a very mandatory opportunity to fix their homes.


Toke encourages that it’s true this isolation period is one of the hardest moment, but there will be light at the end of the tunnel. But for now, communication is the key.

Read Toke’s tweets below;

“I know it seems like the hardest of times are upon us but even in this quarantine, there will be good that’ll come out of it, there will be healing in families, bonds will be stronger, we can’t run from ourselves or turn to work, couples will be forced to communicate.

Parents and kids will communicate better too, sisterhood renewed, brothers looking after one another, only what truly matters will count. It’s a time for a rebirth.

Couples can use this time out as that break you both deserve to get to know each other again, communicate about everything. Sadly some relationships might not make it too, this is a time to find you, restore all that’s broken and if you’ve been living a lie, break away.

Sad that it takes a world crises to get here, it is unfortunate that going out has now become a luxury but it is what it is and while these are not the cards you were expecting from life, think how can I deal better hands, how can I overcome this to be better”

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