Here Are 3 Nigerian Celebrities With The Most Beautiful Homes

Ugochukwu Madu

The Nigerian Entertainment Industry is one sector awash with celebrities cutting across the music, comedy, sports, movie industries et al. It is a multi billion naira sector worth unquantifiable fortune, and little wonder every average Nigerian wants to become an entertainer, because of the so much affluence celebrities in the entertainment industry flaunt on television screens and on all cross-multiple social media platforms.

And since the entertainment industry is more of showbiz than the arts and acts involved, celebrities do all they can to accumulate millions of social media followers, as the number of followers a celebrity has, speaks volume of their level of social influence and prominence.

Celebrities also strive hard to accumulate wealth. Wealth accumulation which comes from dropping more songs (for the musicians), doing more comedy skits (for the comedians), starring in more blockbuster movies (for those in the movie industry), bagging multi-million naira endorsement deals and embarking on personal projects which helps them acquire their dream cars, dream homes and also gives them the ability to meet up with their ever demanding expensive celebrity lifestyle.

In this article, Valid Updates brings you three (3) Nigerian celebrities with the most beautiful homes.

Third on our list is ace Nigerian actress, Eniola Badmus.

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The 42-year-old actress has a beautiful home on the ‘Lagos Island’. A few years ago when she did the unveiling of her new home, she revealed it’s worth nearly a hundred million naira. Even though she didn’t state the exact worth.

Below is what her bedroom looks like.

Second celebrity on our list is popular singer, Paul Okoye, better known as Rudeboy of defunct Psquare.

The “reason with me” singer has on several occasions put certain parts of his Lekki home on the internet and we must confess the sight is worthy to behold.

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Although the singer has never made mention of how much his home worths but below is an appealing view of what his living room looks like.

And finally ladies and gentlemen, permit Valid Updates to present to you the number one celebrity on our list of “3 Nigerian Celebrities With The Most Beautiful Homes”, Peter Okoye. Surprised huh? Now let’s blow your mind with the facts and details.

Nigerian twin celebrity, Peter Okoye, also known as Mr. P, is the second half of the defunct music duo, Psquare.

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Regardless of the fact that some Nigerians think his older twin, Rudeboy sings better, it could be recalled that even while the duo were still together, Mr. P had more endorsements and still has. Peter also has more social media followers than his older twin, a clear evidence that he’s the most loved twin and most influential of the two. While Rudeboy has 6.4 million followers on Instagram, Mr. P has a whopping 8.7 million followers on same platform.

Long story short, Peter’s home in Lekki is estimated to worth more than the popular Square Ville that was owned by the now estranged twins.

Peter made it to our number one on the list because he took us on a tour around his home and the sight is elegant, magnificent and mind blowing.

Kindly take a 30 seconds tour around his Lekki home by simply watching the video below and you would agree he merits to be our number one Nigerian celebrity with the most beautiful home.

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DISCLAIMER: Kindly note that our judgements and ratings are based two basic indices. Availability of audiovisual evidences and aesthetics (beauty). We understand that other celebrities may have homes more beautiful than these but if pictures or videos of such homes are not available on the internet then, Valid Updates cannot rate an invisible home.

Kindly let us know what you think.

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