Two female IMT students seen fighting over a man in Enugu

In a video, two female students of Institute of Management and Technology, IMT, Enugu were seen fighting over a man.

The eyewitness who shared the video online stated that the two ladies are National Diploma 2 students of Public Administration department.


However, during the fight, some guys were seen separating them as they were about stripping themselves naked.

Watch video;

In the comment section, Valid Updates gathered some comments from social media users who were not surprised by the reason the ladies fought.

magnitofreshout – “D guy way dem Dey fight for fit Dey ugeli Dey fight for another girl lol”

kleverjay – “Why do ladies likes to tear each other’s clothes during fight”

kunlereal – “Imagine fighting another gal over your “guy” then boom u find out there are 5 more to go Issa tournament”

nnenna_aldo – And two of them don’t have bumbum and you’re fighting over a guy. Energy you will use and grow bumbum so that men will fight over you. Chai”

nnenna_aldo – They have not given birth to the man that will make me fight over him. He will be born when I and my husband are ready. Asides from that, if you are using my boyfriend carry him and go in peace. His loss”

jenrewa – Be fighting and touching urselvs anyhow o you cannot use only leg and fight”

prince_xterra – There is no need for that. One should come to me while the other should go to the guy. I like peace”

nnenna_blinks_ – “Please ladies respect yourselves you can’t keep a man that don’t want to be kept”

justsolomo_ – God when!! When will people fight over me”