Prophet Odumeje allegedly heals actress, Emmanuella Aniagbaoso’s womb which was used by yahoo boy for sacrifice

A new video which shows popular Onitsha Anambra State Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje healing Nollywood actress, Obianuju Emmanuella Aniagbaoso‘s womb after it was allegedly used by a yahoo plus boy for sacrifice is currently making rounds.

Prophet Odumeje was seen performing deliverance on the actress as she displays some fishy skills to convince the audience how she was dealt with by the yahoo boy (fraudster).


Odumeje noted;

“God of intervention delivered a Nollywood actress from the manipulations of a Yahoo Plus boy that wanted to use her womb for sacrifice after sleeping with her. God of Prophet Dr. Chukwuemeka Ohanemere #thelionhimself is a merciful God.”

Watch Video;

However, some social media users took to the comment to share their thoughts about the video. Valid Updates learned that some users are sincerely in support of Odumeje’s pastoral duty.

abigail.chioma – “I’m not a member of this man’s church but i think some Nigerians need deliverance… Deliverance from the spirit of doubt, disbelief and hatred… Why hating ??.. The hate is much naw.. Haba!!. Y’all saying this is fake.. May your lives be regarded as fake, since u don’t believe in miracle, may it be far from you. Ndi uchu!.. If u think performing a fake miracle is easy… U can go and try it.. Animals in human clothing!”

kennypaul4life – “Chaaaaaai! Nigerians can judge and Criticize shaa I am not a member of this man’s Church I am not even in Nigeria anyway but sometimes I am bothered a lot the way some people hates this man okay, what if this healing is actual real? What if it it’s pure truth? do Nigerians ever think two sides before Judging? I am not into any Church but Nigerians pls slow down! Take things easy, learn to mind your business/jobs, learn to leave Judgement for God, sometimes there are things u sees on social media platforms and scroll past or even ignore them especially when u don’t have any positive contributions to it! Fine,He is an evil man, he is a scam fine I agree! But why not wait and see his last day that about 70percent of Nigerians are waiting for?by then y’all can now judge! Not guilty until proven guilty remember that guys! U may judge someone wrongly if u people judge the way u are judging people! Most of y’all are jobless anyway! The way I am so busy here in abroad won’t even let me waste my time talking nonsense on people’s page! The worst is that he is an evil man and u still dey follow his page nawa oo for Nigerians”

And some social media users who Valid Updates observed from the comment section stood on the ground that Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje has been and is still fooling his church members in the name of miracle. They unapologetically tag his miracles fake.

henry_1chukwuemeka – “Fake prophet. Everything about this man is too fake to be obvious. Deceiving my eastern brothers”

adunni.abiola – “Please pastor you are needed asap to cure the coronavirus that just came into lagos thank you.”

destinyiyizoba – “We need some clarification here, we need to know who is that Yahoo boy that slept with her, if you can see all this you said, what stops you to tell us who the Yahoo boy is? I come with peace”

icollins_xx – “My African’s my Nigerians when are we going to weak up from our sleep fake miracle everywhere”

patneal502 – “But I can’t see single tears in that woman’s eye”

nobert.onah – “Honestly… I have watched several of your videos and I said to myself… When shall I experience a total breakthroughs.”