Actress Nkechi Blessing’s relationship with her boyfriend Mike has gone ‘underwater’

Felix M. Okoye

The much-talked-about love life of the Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday and her man, Mike Adeyemi has come to an end in what is assumed to the an act of infidelity.

Just recently, a chat between Nkechi and Mike’s new girlfriend surfaced online and showed where Nkechi told the lady to have Mike in peace if that’s the only thing she wants.

Moreover, another chat showed Mike and the new lady gisting about the other chat with Blessing. And the lady in the chat was seen warning Nkechi to keep off as Mike belongs to her alone.

Meanwhile, in August 2019, Nkechi shared a video of her and Mike having a romantic kiss and cuddle in a beach. And Nkechi stated in the caption that she met Mike during a movie scene.

Well, life gives out what is available to be people available. And all we can do is take what has been made available.

However, Nkechi went on her social media page on Sunday, November 10 to express her shock on the matter, declared herself single while at the same time telling her fans and followers that she has not been hurt by any relationship break up neither would this current one do. The only thing that can hurt her is when someone deny her money.

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