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Manuel Onye a.k.a. BlaQ is a sensational Afro pop artiste with the voice of passion (personalized). He’s a singer, and songwriter who some refer to as D LYRICAL DOCTOR.

His sole mission is connecting the world through music and he has been utterly relentless.

If you’re a music lover, you definitely have to discover his latest two singles VIbe and this present one, Live (crafted to perfection).

He recently made LIVE with his co-artiste Gravitee. BlaQ is heading to the top of the industry with a priority to dominate and you should expect his E.P at the dawn of 2020.

Quick Bio About GraviTee;
GraviTee is a Multi-Talented Nigerian Music artiste who hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria. He is a Singer, Songwriter, Rapper & Instrumentalist. He has some hit songs already making waves plus this recent song, Live with BlaQ. Download song below and share with friends.


ARTISTES: BlaQ and GraviTee


DURATION: 3 mins 50 secs

YEAR: 2019

GENRE: Hip Hop/Rap

PRODUCER: Lyquidmix



BlaQ ft. GraviTee – Live Lyrics

(BlaQ) : yo Gravitee
(Gravitee) yo BlaQ what’s good mehn

Pull up like a gangster!

CHORUS: (x4)
I just wanna live
I don’t wanna die young

VERSE 1: (GraviTee)
I just wanna live, I dont wanna die young.
Came up from the bottom but am headed to the top.
Now all eyes on me,why they looking at me?
Cuz am shining so bright and am looking so strong.
The life you are living,please dont ever give up.
Just say a little prayer and you be made strong
Always keep your head high.
Even when the storm comes.
You are made out of greatness
And you even worth more than
Anything anyone tryna say
So get up and look them in the face
And say you are born outta greatness my nigga
And whatever you say cant get to me.
Your life ain’t moving well like the way you plan for it to go..OH NO dont Give up.
Just keep on doing whatever you doing, one day you know say your light go show,
Keep on working.
Never stopping.
Live your life.
Stay out trouble.
Manna stay clean and fresh, man never fumble.
And I gat big plans so I stay humble.
What’s the essence of taking someone’s life, when you know say one day we gon be dead.
That is the reason why you niggas fight, but
still never get what you want,
Instead of you loving,
You see people hating.
They calling out names,
But still out there faking
I dont why these niggas tryna fight me
I dont know I dont know
This life ain’t easy
But you wanna act like my Mr eazi
When he says that life is eazi
When you know this life ain’t easy
But you wanna act like this life is easy..oh God.

CHORUS: (x4)
I just wanna live
I don’t wanna die young

HOOK: (x2)
wanna live my life o
Please don’t tell me oh no no
You should really let go
Imma shine and imma glow

VERSE 2: (BlaQ)
I just wanna live I don’t wanna die young
Tell me why do stars
Always gahta die young
Everybody dying
Buh I gahta stay strong
All my brothers fallen
But i ghata live long
All the real ones gone
What did we do wrong
This so crazy
It got into my feelings
took a lot of pills
Owing a lot of bills
Balling no cheap trills
Giving no fake chills
You can’t kill my shine
Cus I’m in my prime
My girl she’s so fine
You ghata ask me why
That act so high
I’m so crazy I’m so lazy
Buh I ghata live long yee
And I ghata sing song yee
But i ghata stay strong yee
Trapping out my damn soul yee

CHORUS: (x4)
I just wanna live
I don’t wanna die young

I just wanna live I don’t wanna die young
Say my prayers mehn I stay strong
Each and every day when I wake up every day
Mehn I ghat to say thank God and I move on
I just wanna live my life
Ain’t nobody stopping my shine
And I’m gonna put in work
And I’m gonna shine when’s my time

(Gravitee): yo take life easy no stressing
(BlaQ) : we all gonna die but I don’t wanna die. Damnn


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