Juliet Ibrahim calls OAP Akuko Perming a fowl for advising her to go back to her husband

Felix Okoye

Love, love, love, trust, trust, trust issues are not always as simple as they seem in the words. Sometimes, well planned relationship come to an end after a while and that seems to be the case for a number of celebrities in Nigeria and world.

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, used to be married to the Ghanaian business man, Kwadwo Safo Jnr., and they parted ways after four years together.

Since the separation, a number of people have wished the actress well while others advised she goes back to her him


Just recently, the On-Air-Personality, Akuko Perming, got on Juliet Ibrahim’s wrong shoes as she advised that the actress should go back to Safo and stop waiting for Mr Right.

And Juliet did not take this to heart as she made sure to slam the OAP on social media. In a lengthy post, the actress warned the OAP not to speak on things she has no knowledge about.

Ibrahim however, asked why the OAP is not married herself since she seems to know a lot about other people’s private lives. Juliet continues by warning the OAP not to judge people’s situations until she has walked in their shoes. She did all these while likening Akuko Perming to a fowl while she posted a photo of Perming collaged with a fowl.


Her Instagram post reads below:

“Miss Akuko Perming – Not until I was sent this senseless video of yours posted on Tv Africa’s page I never knew of your existence. It’s obvious everyone wants to trend using my name! Y’all Do anything for clout! Even ugly chickens feel they have a say in someone’s personal life! Dead TV station with dead ass TV presenters looking for clout off Juliet Ibrahim as usual. If you think you know better about marriages why the F aren’t you married yet zombie? You say I should go back to my ex-husband and stop waiting for Mr Right, even after all I went through with him and how he’s moved on with the lady he impregnated while we were married? Stupid clown, I am not a desperate woman who’ll lower her standards for anyone on this earth because I deserve better and I will never ever SETTLE! Why don’t you go to him and be a mistress to his new wife? Since it’s obvious you have no self value and self worth DumbAss!! Until you have walked in someone’s shoes don’t open your stupid toilet hole to pour out stink shit! Clown, with your nasty brown teeth and cheap hair and eyelashes, don’t you dare come at me ever again in your miserable life. You chose the wrong day, wrong time and wrong person to talk about on your dead ass stupid senseless show! And it’s a shame on TV africa for tolerating such utterances when their so-called presenters can’t even do research before blabbing bullshit about people they talk about! If you want to discuss me and my former marriage on your station why not spend “ 50 cedis “ ONLY to buy MY BOOK; read and understand what happened before I left my marriage and my ex boyfriend? How hard is it to practice Professional journalism in Ghana? If anyone cares to speak or say anything about me henceforth go and buy @atoasttolifebook after you done reading you have the freedom to talk or invite me for interviews.”

Reports also had it that Juliet Ibrahim’s ex-boyfriend, Iceberg Slim, penned an apology note to the actress.

In his apology, the young man revealed his wrongdoings and asked that the actress forgive him for all he did to her. He said despite everything he did to her, she found a way to rise and smile above it all.

Iceberg Slim revealed that he cheated and lied to her even though all she wanted was honesty. He stated that she loved him unconditionally even when he was at his lowest point.

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