Fans react to Jidenna saying he is looking for a wife

Felix Okoye

Marriage is a beautiful thing but it seems to elude the young gentlemen in the entertainment industry.

It is no longer news that quite a number of eligible young men in the entertainment industry are unmarried but it seems, Nigerian-American star, Jidenna, is ready to leave that league.

In a post shared on Jidenna’s Twitter page on August 23, 2019, the singer listed some of the things he believes in as he concluded the post by saying he is looking for a wifey.


His tweet reads below:

“I believe in monogamy. I believe in polyamory. I believe in marriage. I believe in non-traditional union. There are agreements & compromises to be made in every relationship. Most of all, I believe in Love & Honesty as the foundation. I’m looking for wifey…”

After the singer’s post, quite a number of ladies expressed interest in being his in his post as most are seen dropping some comments.


See some comments below:

@amayflower326 tweeted: I know precisely what it is, which is why I replied with polyamory and not monogamy

@onos_147 tweeted: How can you be looking for wifey on Twitter and your DM is padlocked? Jidenna be serious joor

@Crazydede09 tweeted: Yaaaaaaas tryna get MARRRRRIED! Meet me at the allllllter in MY white dress! We ain’t getting no younger boy we might as well do it!

@angelamoateng tweeted: So wildddd. I literally just changed my name to Wifey.

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