Ali Baba disclosed how his dad disowned him

Billionaire Nigerin comedian Ali Baba recently took to his social media handle to disclose that his father disowned him for choosing the comedy career path.

He put up his take on the career choices people make, how it affects them and the happenings in the country.


He intimated that he started stand up comedy in 1988, according to him, he said it didn’t go down well with the father so he disowned him. The father claimed there was no any good future for anyone that has chosen that path.

He disclosed that many people tried to discourage him and deter him from the career path because they thought it was not lucrative as at that time, as they only thought it was careers like; law, engineering architecture and others was the real deal.

He noted that while remembering all this he thanks his star that he wasn’t discouraged

“I look back now and think about how many people tried to discourage me. Those who thought the ladder to success, was exclusively by climbing as a doctor, lawyer, engineer, banker, architect, accountant, civil servant,” he said. 

The comedy mogul boasted that nowadays, people in the comedy industry can proudly raise their heads to accept that they are comedians and also boast of their wealthy status.

It was recently gathered that the comedy act celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife Mary Akpobome who he has been married to for thirteen years.