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Big Brother Naija: Day 7: Aftermath Of Saturday Night Party, Eviction Day And Mixed Reactions

Today is the 7th Day for the housemates in Big Brother Naija 2019, Season 4.

The day started as Biggie presents to them, the housemates who are possibly to be evicted today, Sunday July 7.

They include, Avala, Khafi, Isilomo, Gedoni.

Moreover, Ike and Omashola were also included for going against Big Brother’s rule.

Omashola was seen after the party, looking for his coins which reduced to 100 out of 120 coins originally kept in his bible. At the time, he threatened to harm the housemates if he didn’t find his coins

And Ike got himself drunk which led to him being so let loose as he speaks uncontrollably. Even after being cautioned by Mercy who warned him of being possibly at risk for his dirty words…

Furthermore, some minutes to the Sunday Live eviction show, Big Brother called the housemates in the lounge.

Ike and Omashola were striked and warned after they are found guilty of “attempting to harm fellow housemates“.

And this means, if they’re found guilty of any offense two more times, they will be disqualified from the Big Brother’s house.

Watch their Diary Session before live eviction show below…


During the live eviction, Sunday July 7, the four listed housemates for eviction AVALA, KHAFI, ISILOMO and GEDONI took part in a marble game which determine which of them stay or leave.

After the challenge, Gedoni and Khafi scored 5 and 4 respectively. While Avala and Isilomo scored 3 and 2 respectively.

As the results state, Gedoni and Khafi are safe from eviction, Avala and Isilomo with the lowest score, and evicted.

Watch video of Avala’s eviction below…

And the video of Isilomo’s eviction below…

The live eviction show got filled with a thrilling performance from Nigeria super stay singer, Mayorkun.

He performed his new song, True.

Watch video of his performance below…

Below are the picture highlights of Day 7…