Beyoncé Under Fire For Copying South African Artiste In A Music Video

Following the release of her star-studded album, The Lion King: The Gift which still receives massive acceptance and airplay round the globe, Beyoncé is under fire for copying South African artiste Petite Noir.

Beyoncé has always loved to incorporate Africans and African culture in her music, that’s why she included African Artiste in her Gift Project.


However, she has come under attack recently for copying South African artiste Petite Noir in he “Spirit” video which was released before the album.

She has been making the rounds on the South African tabloids with her album until this recent scandal.

We can recall that the release of Beyoncé’s The Lion King Album almost broke the internet, the “Spirit” music video also shared the same recognition before the release of the album.

South Africans claim that there are two similarities in both videos stating that La Maison Noir: The Gift and the Curse visual album was mindlessly lifted by Beyoncé in her own “Spirit” video.

The claim is that both the location, costume and the general concept of the video is Petite Noir’s. Pictures was shared as a proof for this claim.

It is true that Beyoncé has received much accolades in recent times, but a copy right scandal is what every artiste try to avoid. 
Let’s just hope the scandal doesn’t escalate more than it has just did.