NBA Star Kawhi Leonard Still Drives A 20 Year Old Car After Signing A $94 Million

Felix M. Okoye

Toronto Raptors superstar Kawhi Leonard is looking to close out an emotional series against the Golden State Warriors in game 6 of the NBA Finals.⠀

And though the 27-year-old Leonard signed a five-year $94 million deal in 2015, made a salary of over $23 million this past season, Leonard has managed to remain one of the world’s most down-to-earth star athletes.⠀

For instance, as of 2016 — during a season in which Leonard earned over $16 million playing for the San Antonio Spurs — the NBA All-Star was still driving the same beat up SUV he’d had since high school.⠀

“It runs … and it’s paid off,” the famously reticent Leonard told Sports Illustrated. (As posted by CNBC)

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