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Lust leads to rush

When you consistently lust over something, you are definitely rusting inside of you.

Lust doesn’t literally means a lost of control over sexual fantasies, we can lust over many things. We can lost over money, power, fame, entertainment, fashion, and most of all social media lust.

Majority of our youngsters stay an average time of ten to fifteen hours on their social media chats. Some are so addicted to chatting that live bores with a Low Battery alarm, to some, full battery is more important than food or prayer.

We live in a lust rusting generation. Days are gone when friends meet and exchange meaningful conversation. These days, friends meet and exchange facebook names and other social media apps username.

Yes social media is appropriately nice but our lust over it turns it to an avenue of self rush. Days are gone when friends hangout to exchange life experience. Now friends hangout to snap pictures to post in social media.

We are busy making our social networks so important while ourselves are less important. We like each others in social media but hates each others in reality.

In years to come, this world will be a boring place. Our world is gradually rusting while we build another world of fantasy.

I have a neighbor that doesn’t talk to me in real life but we chat hours in social media. We bypass each others on the road just to reserve our conversation on facebook. It’s just a pity.

We are all victims. We are gradually rushing, our world is gradually decaying, how I wish will fall back as it used to me. WHAT IS LIFE OUTSIDE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOU? I GUESS BORING.

(Written by Chidi Johnkingsley KBJ)