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BBNaija’s Khloe replies Alex, following her criticism against ladies going for cosmetic surgery

Former Big Brother Naija season 3 Double Wahala reality television star, and ex-housemate, Abiri Oluwabusayomi better referred to as Khloe has responded to the criticism from her co-reality star, and friend, Alexandra Amuche Sandra Asogwa, simply known as Alex Unusual.

Alex had earlier in a post reacted to the sad news of a Port Harcourt-based Nigerian lady, identified as Christabel who died late May, as a result of unsuccessful cosmetic surgery in Lagos.

Alex noted that it’s high time ladies began loving their bodies and God-given shape, and body sizes, because it seems to be on rampage, the rate at which ladies feel they want to look nice for their boyfriends.

Alex stressed that any lady who doesn’t like her body or her body size, cum appearance and desperately demands for body enhancement and surgery is probably insecure.

She wrote, “In my opinion, if it’s not due to a health condition and you wake up then choose to go for cosmetic surgery to add Bum, touch your face or one of those mumu things, you are an INSECURE PERSON.

“I also admire your courageousness as that life risk takes a lot of it but what if you had gone the route of determination and discipline, I believe that body is achievable.

“My friends already know my take on this. It’s your body, do with it whatever you please. When I see people like this, I do my best to boost their self confidence because if I don’t, it’s from one surgery to another and there is no guarantee of perfection or survival.

“Going for surgery doesn’t make you a bad person. But I know you need help to build self love and the people around you aren’t helping. It hurts me more when the surgery is just to have that figure 8 that means perfection to you and the shallow minded individuals in our society.

“Don’t get me wrong, we all have our insecurities every now and then. I’m currently dealing with one. Due to a health condition, I have to eat even when l’m not hungry and I put on a lot of weight.

“I loved this new weight so much till recently when I started to see love handles on my back and I got really insecure. Did I choose surgery, Chineke forbid. I went to the gym today to be serious for the first time in my life and I’m going back to dancing and being really active.

“If these insecurities are avoidable, why eat and add to a point where you feel surgery is your only solution? Eating healthy is expensive I know, it’s also stressful. I’m not looking forward to it but will I do it, yes. It’s not like I have a choice.

“Some people are born chubby and the society’s definition of a perfect body doesn’t favor them. It has nothing to do with these sweet souls. The society is just mad.

“I’m not promoting unhealthy living, I’m just saying that some people will never meet society’s standard and it doesn’t make tham less attractive to the right people. They aren’t unhealthy.

“These days once I use the stairs, I’m gasping for breath and I know I’m terribly unfit. I caused it for myself by not making an attempt to eat healthy and be active. Stop looking for short cuts that can kill.

“Ndi uchu ga agba gbu will still find something wrong with my take either because they are insecure, feel attacked, just feel like I have no right to be the one to speak, don’t like me or are of poor mentality.

“Some innocent souls might just not agree with me. Do I know you, no. It’s your opinion and it’s completely fine. Kitikpa will still gbaguo gi if you can’t disagree nicely.

“I just hope we all learn to love our bodies, put in work where necessary, try our best to be active and healthy, expectations for those with health issues. Let’s not watch our body fall apart then get depressed. Let’s not key into society’s demands but our personal demands.

“May God continue to guide and protect us all. Amen”.

However, reacting to the above, Khloe directly slammed Alex, saying that she often talks too much and about what doesn’t concern her.

“Even God knows talking too much is a sin.. Yen yen yen

“Best in capping, opinion that doesn’t matter and typing shitssss.

“Smiling through the BS Shoutout to awon akwey motivation speaker, best in capping shit Aka finger warrior. #DumbPeopleBehindSmartPhones”, she posted via her Instagram story.

Further in her post, Khloe claims that she was just trying to have fun with Alex, adding that her reaction over Alex’s post wasn’t a serious one.

“Take me serious at your own damn risk”, Khloe debunked.

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