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Leaked audio tape reveals conversation between BBNaija’s Cross and a lady, about Angel and Saskay

• Cross has cleared air on issue which made the rounds, that he secretly visited Saskay to talk about their relationship.

An audio tape has been leaked, which contains a conversation between Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye star, Cross Ikechukwu Okonkwo, and a certain lady.

Their conversation was about Cross’ stand, at the moment, with Angel and Saskay.

The lady, who initiated the conversation alleged that rumour has been going round which has it that Cross is beginning to show affection for Saskay, as against the believe that he’s in a relationship with only Angel.

She continued in the conversation that the rumour also revealed how Cross visited Saskay, when he came back from South Africa, adding that there are audio tapes which contained Cross conversation with Saskay that day of the visit.

However, Cross responded, and made it clear in the conversation that at the moment, he doesn’t have anyone between Angel and Saskay, he can say is completely in love with.

But, the fact still remains that Angel and Saskay are still and would always be his friends. And he has cleared their minds several times that she loves them both.

On his visit to Saskay’s place, Cross mentioned that he came back from South Africa, and Saskay demanded she wanted to see him, to discuss about something.

So, he went to her house, they had their discussion, after which he gave her a hug, then, left and went back to his house.

And about his stand on Angel, the Anambra State-native told the lady in the conversation that Angel is one lady, among other Shine Ya Eye female stars, he loves most.

He revealed that his love for Saskay, isn’t as passionate as he loves Angel, adding that he used to visit Angel oftentimes, even though they try to keep everything on a low.

So, Cross assured the lady in the conversation that whatever the kind of rumour people are spreading about his love life, they should be aware that he owes no one any explanation about his affair with Angel and Saskay.

Cross concluded that he loves and vibes with all his colleagues, but there are some extent he goes with his association with anyone, even though, no one notices how he choose to associate with them.

Listen to the voice note below.