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BBNaija’s Pere, Jaypaul, Michael make startling confessions about their past actions (video)

• Pere confessed about his unimaginable intimacy with a lady back in the US, as Micheal opened up on what he did over missing condoms in Biggie’s House, while Jaypaul narrated how his fart caused confusion among his co-housemates.

Former Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye stars, and ex-housemates, Pere Egbi, Michael Ngene and Paul Ephraim, aka Jaypaul have confessed to some of the startling things they did, both in and outside Big Brother Naija House.

In a recent one-on-one session with Kraks TV, the reality stars owned up to some ugly things they did in secret.

Michael and Jaypaul made a narration of their actions in the Big Brother House, which the BBNaija viewers didn’t know they were the culprits. And Pere, while making his own confession, stepped outside the BBNaija scenario to narrate what he did with a lady when he was in America.


First, Michael cleared that the incident which happened in the House, when he and Pere alleged that some condoms were missing, was actually a lie.

He stated that he connived with Pere to claim some condoms were missing just to spice things up, and make viewers react, and point accusing finger on the wrong person, just to make the show fun.

Michael said, “So, remember in the House, when condoms went missing, it was capped (i.e. it was lie). No condoms went missing.

“So, remember, me and Pere started the rumour that there were condoms missing from the bag. Well, it turns out it was just for cruise. It was just to spice things up, just to get people talking, to see who people nominate as the taker of the rubbers.

“But in all actuality, there was nothing missing. There was no condoms missing. And this is when I was in the House. I can’t speak for when I left obviously, but from the time I was there, there was nothing missing.

“For all of you that thought it was real, sorry to bust your bubbles. But it was cap (lie).”


Then, Pere came with his own story, and it was about his groundbreaking intimacy with a girl, in the United States.

The reality star explained how, after he had a chat online with the young lady, invited her over to his house, where they had a good time of their lives, in bed.

Pere said, “Back in America. Not too long ago, actually. I started talking to this girl, I met her, I got introduced to her. We started talking, texting flirtatiously.

“I kind of felt the girl was into me, like, of course I knew she was into me, but I kind of felt, okay, like, we’re going to skip all the loops and go straight to the point, because me, I didn’t want any relationship at the time.

“I always like making it obvious that I don’t want a relationship from women if I don’t want one.

“But anyway, beside texting and all, and then, long story short, she was giving me a hard time, really hard time, playing hard to get.

“So, one day, I invited her over to the house, for dinner. I was going to cook. So, she came over, all I had on was my towel, wrapped around my waist.

“She walks in and she sits down. And I told her, you know, let me go and put on some clothes. So, I walked into the bedroom, she was backing the bedroom. I took my towel away, I unwrapped myself and I walked back out into the living room, stood behind her and called her name and then she turned, as she turns, I knew the rest was going to be history. She saw my ‘gbola’ so hard. Well, that was it, the rest was history.”


Lastly, Jaypaul astonished everyone in the video with his confession, which, according to him, was what happened during the Shine Ya Eye show.

Jaypaul narrated how, after taking lots of milk, he used fart to cause confusion among his co-housemates. And this, according to Jaypaul, was a decision he took, when he observed that he was losing weight, so, he started taking milk constantly.

The major chaos, Jaypaul revealed, took place the day all Housemates were called to the dinning for a brief, sent by Big Brother, following the task of the day.

And he said, “This story is a story of a young man, who lost a lot of weight in the Big Brother House. And in his bid to gain weight, he decided to drink lots of milk, forgetting that he is lactose intolerant.

“This is my story. I drank a lot of milk in the House. This particular day, I woke up and was like, yuh, I lost a lot of weight, I’ve not been able to do my regular gym, workouts and all. So, I said I am going to drink lots of milk.

“Bruh! That was a decision I will never take again. Biggie gave us tasks, and you know, when you’re working on a task, you have to work in group. That’s how my group suffered for my actions, (he laughs).

“And I’m sure they remember this particular briefing, when they brought a task for us, and they asked everyone to come for the brief. And you know, we always go to the lounge area, the dinning table, for the brief.

“This is how I was walking to the dinning table, I couldn’t hold it, and I introduced some substances into the atmosphere. Even me, I was shouting subconsciously like, is that me?

“So, I was walking, the fart was following me from where I was coming from. And it spread everywhere like osmosis, diffusion, you know. It spread everywhere in the lounge.

“I don’t know who started, probably it was Peace who shouted, what is this, who did this? Before you know it, everyone in the lounge was shouting, who did it. Me, I was also looking for who did it. (he laughs).

“I’m sorry bruh! I’m the culprit bruh! I’m out. It was me. I’m the prime suspect. So, arrest me now (he stretched out his hands)”

Watch video below.