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BBNaija: Here’s full details of how Nini sneaked out of House following Biggie’s secret order (video)

• Nini’s exit from the House was a secret task assigned to her by Big Brother, during her Diary Session on Tuesday.

Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye contestant and reality television star, Nini has sneaked out of the BBNaija main House, following a secret task from Big Brother.

During her Diary Session on Tuesday afternoon, September 21, Nini was instructed by Big Brother that she would sneak out of the House. And before she does that, no Housemate, must know about it.

Biggie also told Nini that she has to leave the House through the emergency exit door located at the game room. And her stay outside the main House will last for 24 hours.

In the game room, there is a mirror door, next to the trophy cabinet, and according to Biggie, as soon as Nini is ready to leave, she will come over there and stand, before the emergency exit door will be opened.

So, after their evening task on Tuesday night, organized by Munch It, Nini secretly began preparing, waiting for other Housemates to sleep before she leaves.

When it was time to leave, Nini couldn’t wait for all the Housemates to sleep, as some of them, like Whitemoney, Angel, Queen, Pere, Saga were still awake and in the garden.

But Nini, who was with them over there stylishly left to pick her bag to the emergency exit. And as she got there, the mirror door was opened and she sneaked out immediately into the White Room.

Shortly after she left, the Housemates, Queen, Whitemoney, Saga, Pere, Angel, who were still awake began searching for her all over the House.

As they couldn’t find her, Pere, who suspected what was happening, told them that this might be a prank from Big Brother, with Angel adding that it might be a similar mental situation which happened to Kayvee, who was withdrawn from the show a week after he came into the House.

So, as they couldn’t see Nini, and as Saga couldn’t gain access to Diary Room to ask Biggie what’s happening, they all left to sleep, while Saga and Angel spread their bed covers in front of Diary Room to sleep in solidarity with missing Nini.

Watch the video below.

Meanwhile, recall that Big Brother assigned Nini’s love interest, Saga his own secret task a week ago, which didn’t include sneaking out of the House.

Saga was instructed by Biggie to pick a fight with Nini and avoid her in the House, till his next Diary Session.

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Saga couldn’t achieve this because the next day after the task was assigned to him, Nini got into squabble with Cross, which Saga saw that it left her very unstable to be alone, so, he had to meet her and explain to her why he (Saga) has been avoiding her since the previous day.

He also disclosed to Nini what Biggie told him to do, adding that he had to reveal to her so that her emotions wouldn’t overwhelm her.

Besides, Liquorose who was given same task, carried out her own perfectly, and as a result, got rewarded for it with an exclusive dinner treat alongside love interest, Emmanuel.