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Here’s how actor Timini’s bestie, Ms DSF defended him over infidelity towards ex-girlfriend, Lydia

• Ms DSF believes because Timini refused to accept Lydia back into his life, she mustered the audacity to call him out online, laying false accusations against him.

Nigerian award-winning actor, Timini Egbuson was called out by his ex-girlfriend, Lydia Agahan, who alleged the actor messed their relationship up.

Lydia in her lengthy post on Tuesday, August 17, noted that Timini is a predator and cradle snatcher who has slept with almost all the young girls in Lagos and Abuja.

However, few hours later, Timini reacted to the accusation with a post via his Twitter page and according to him, it’s safe to say he and Lydia were in a relationship two years ago, which their respective families approved of.

But at some point, it became worrisome that they couldn’t continue with the relationship due to circumstances both of them were at fault for.

The actor beckoned on Lydia to move on with her life as he has done, because as it stands, he has left everything about their relationship behind.

Then, in her defensive post, media personality, Dorcas Shola Fapson popularly known as Ms DSF, who has been identified severally as one of the closest female friends of Timini, blasted Lydia.

According to Ms DSF, she wouldn’t sit and watch Lydia drag a man old enough to make his own decisions to mud because he refused to accept her (Lydia) back.

She went on to reveal that Lydia has been reaching out to Timini, begging he accepts her back into his life, but Timini has insisted on not going back into the relationship.

And Timini has blocked Lydia on all social media platforms to save himself from being disturbed, but Lydia kept sending mails and calling him with strange numbers.

Ms DSF advised Lydia to move on and heal in peace, rather than going back and forth with a man who has decided on his own, to move on.

Ms DSF tweeted: “First of all Timini is old enough to make his own decisions which I’ve discussed with him PRIVATELY but I wont sit back & let this clout chaser drag him because he refuses to reply you.

“Lydia baby, how many of your age mates have you actually dated?? You’re here screaming victim but you won’t look at your age mates twice.

“Same Lydia that up until 2 weeks ago was STILLLL BEGGING Timini back, the guy has blocked you everywhere, you call with different numbers & send emails NON STOP, shey because e no gree you result to this? Smh

“Move on & HEAL in peace please, I’m honestly praying for you.”