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BBNaija S6: Jackie B exposes Angel, after her sensual dream with Michael (video)

• Jackie B couldn’t let it go after Angel told her that she made love to her man, Michael in a dream, plus Jackie B’s confrontation with Michael after the Saturday night party.

Following Angel’s alleged statement that she dreamt where she made love to Michael, Jackie has decided to ‘cast’ her.

Angel revealed about this dream to his close friend in the House, Jackie B, who now exposed the secret on Saturday night to Maria, Boma and Pere.

Jackie B told Maria and Pere about Angel’s dream, as well as her (Jackie B’s) little drama with Michael following the Saturday party.

Michael and Jackie B engaged in an argument after Saturday night party as the Jackie B complained about Angel rubbing Micheal’s head in front of other housemates.

Jackie B described Micheal’s act as disrespectful.

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She said: “Angel told me she has feelings for Michael. I told him to be careful since we had a thing together. But he went ahead to disrespect me by allowing Angel rub his head in front of other housemates.

“Angel also told me she dreamt she made love with Michael.”

On responding to Jackie B, Maria said she would have walked out on Angel the minute she said that.

Maria said: “How would you say you dreamt you made love with your friend’s man, you caused it Jackie B.

“If I was the one, I will not laugh but just walk out on her.”

Watch video below.