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Same location? – Nengi’s fans react, accuses Mercy Eke of copying her colleague

• After Mercy Eke shared a post confirming she’s currently holidaying in Greece, supporters of her colleague Nengi came out to accuse the Pepper Dem show winner of copying.

• However, after our little research, we observed that Mercy Eke didn’t visit same location as Nengi, even though their vacation was in the same country, Greece.

It has always been termed competition whenever ex-BBNaija stars do something and supporters share views and opinions about it.

You can call it “neck-pressing” but it’s somewhat clear and unusual for the fans and supporters of these reality television stars to come out accusing or laying claims on their counterparts.

Just recently, Big Brother Naija season 4 Pepper Dem reality television star and first female winner, Mercy Chinenyenwa Eke posted some photos and videos of herself having a good time on vacation in Santorini, Greece.

Since the post was shared, fans have been reacting outrageously and making some assumptions, while some other persons saw it that Mercy Eke has copied her colleague and Lockdown star Nengi.

What Nengi’s supporters are saying

Nengi‘s fans concluded that Mercy Eke actually took a trip to Greece because Nengi did same last month, in June, when reports had it that the Bayelsa State-native’s trip to the European country was sponsored by the online fashion store Payporte.

However, what Nengi’s supporters don’t know is that Mercy Eke didn’t visit same location as Nengi, although they both were in Greece on separate occasions.

After some thorough check, ValidUpdates verified that Nengi’s trip to Greece was in Mykonos, one of the popular island in the country. This was also confirmed via Nengi’s Instagram post where she tagged Mykonos as her location at the time.

Then, we observed that Mercy Eke was in a different location which happens to be Santorini, an island in the Greece’s Aegean sea.

The Imo State-native reportedly made it to the country thanks to Evans Industries, the producer of Hawaii soap which Lambo has been representing as brand ambassador.

Mercy also indicated via her post that she’s very excited to announce the renewal of her contract with the beauty company, plus two other deals she will be announcing soon, probably a Payporte deal and one other.

“Excited to announce that i have renewed my contract with Evans industries and also signed up for two new products dropping soon i cant wait to introduce them to you guys,” she said on Instagram.

See below some of the reactions from Nengi and Mercy Eke’s supporters. Comments were gathered by the author of this article.

@sy_via_lyn: “Nengi has snapped here before.”

@tantybotchway: “So y’all just had to make this about Nengi? These two are living their best lives!!! Y’all need to stop with the bad energy. Nd fueling sh*t!!!

@deemo_momo: “I see you all are about yummy body now that’s mercy but if it was Nengi no curse wey we na no go talk! Set awon eni to ni bensin fu.”

@fretyaa: “This was the same place Nengi did her payporte shoot.. Mercy Eke love the way u stay pressing @nengiofficial and her toxic knife carrying minions neck.. don’t remove ur legs anytime soon.. I know right now she will be looking for a way to reconcile with u like she did with Erica after seeing that she doesn’t have the range to compete..”

@karenbah122: “Nengi went there for payporte.. Mercy is on vacay with her f*king money.”

@god_fearer21747: Does it look look like Nengi needs mercy? You are pathetic. Nengi na decent focused lady not your usual jaguda n*nas.”

@mamabe55: “this is stupidity my dear! Nengi went with payport for their summer shoots, stop using mercy to fuel your n*nsense. Mercy will stand and nengi will stand pls where will you stand?