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Reality TV stars Erica and Vee reconcile, reply each others posts

• Erica and Vee have put grudges behind them to reconcile with one another after several months holding it up against each other, following the outcome of their relationship in the BBNaija House.

Only the non-viewers of BBNaija show can outrightly say that they didn’t know about the bad blood existing between Erica and her colleague Vee.

These two ladies built a wall between themselves since the Lockdown show after they felt nothing would make them have a thing in common.

Vee was known during the Lockdown show as that Housemate who developed so much hatred for Erica because of her association with Vee’s close friend Laycon.

She never had a time when she wouldn’t say something against Erica even though she had claimed severally that she was only protecting her friend Laycon’s interest.

Fast forward till few months after the show, Erica has decided to express that she doesn’t have anything against her colleagues. She made it clear in a tweet that she’s thanking God for everyone she met during the show and no matter how good or bad it went down with them in the House, she still loves everyone, because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Erica made this post after the finale session of the BBNaija Lockdown Reunion which ended last night, Friday, July 2.

“Thank you BBN for the platform, thank you my fellow housemates, I thank God for everyone of you, even the few I didn’t get along with, I love you and I only wish you all that is good! Tomorrow isn’t promised, we don’t have to be the closest but no hate from my side, goodluck!❤️❤️,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, Vee took to a reply and directly accepted Erica’s open-minded acknowledgement to her colleagues and Big Brother.

Vee described whatever that happened in the House as a game and no matter how it had happened, she’s very proud of all that Star Girl is achieving and she’s wishing her more success.

“No matter what, the house was a game. Proud of all you’re achieving. Here’s to more success Erica! 🥂.” Vee replied.

Erica came back with a simple response to Vee saying, “🥂 to more success!”