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Reality TV star Vee clears air, reveals reason Mummy Glee’s brand called her out

• Vee has opened up that her management refunded N2 million out of N2.5 million the brand paid her for the deal, adding that her management is still in talks with the brand concerning her contracts termination before she saw the brand has come out to make false claims.

Former Lockdown Housemate and Big Brother Naija season 5 reality television star Victoria Adeleye better known as Vee has come out to share her side of story after a fashion brand called her out over unpaid debt.

You could recall earlier today, Vee was accused of N1.9 million debt by a brand identified as Zeena & Zara who wrote in an official statement that the reality TV star has refused to honour her contract and therefore will terminate it demanding for refund from her.

Including the cost of the promotion shoot and equipment used, plus other expenses made during the time Vee was involved with them, Zeena & Zara insisted that Vee must pay up her debt or they’ll use all her contents derived from the promotion shoot without her permission.

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However, sharing via her Instagram story, Vee noted that the brand didn’t say things as it happened between them. And this simply implies that Zeena & Zara lied against her.

According to Vee, the issue with the brand began the second day they were about to have the promotion shoot where Vee insisted that she would wear her own hair as against Zeena & Zara’s CEO Happiness Adebayo’s order that she (Vee) must wear a hair from a partnering brand. Besides, Vee accepted during the first shoot to wear hair from the brand.

After that day, Vee added that the brand requested that she refunds the company part of the money paid to her for the deal since she wouldn’t obey them. Vee’s management had to make a refund of N2 million out of the N2.5 million for the deal, but her management removed N500k from it due to some earnings made out of the little promotion shoot the company had already put out on its official platforms.

Fast-forward to this day, the reality TV said her management and Zeena & Zara brand are still in the middle of discussion about her deal’s termination before she saw that the brand has began making false claims.

Vee’s post reads: “I now deal with reputable brands and corporate organizations and it is important that I set the records straight, in the face of people who have nothing to lose and do not mind dragging others down with them.

“The CEO of Zeena and Zara clothing line, Happiness Adebayo (Glee) reached out to me for a collaboration in the promotion of the Company’s designs and I forwarded my Management’s details to her.

“Contrary to her false claim that I reached out to her for the deal. We agreed Fees and I was told to wait for weeks until her shipment had arrived. Then finally, a shoot day was agreed. I got to the Shoot and professionally conducted myself.

“However, the Company’s CEO insisted that I wear the Hair that she sells through another company entirely.

“In order not to be considered difficult, I agreed and we concluded the Shoot. At a second shoot day I insisted that I wear my hair and I believe this was the beginning of the issues.

“A video was shared from the shoot and I informed the company of the need to work on the footage and this was where the CEO started throwing totally undeserved tantrums, essentially claiming that she always has personal relationships with her Brand Ambassadors and as she has not been able to have that with me, she considers me difficult to work with.

“She thereafter demanded a refund. It was a 6 months deal & an initial part payment of 2.5m was paid. When she requested for a refund, 2million Naira was sent but my management removed 500k due to the mileage her page had received from the announcement campaign, giveaway promotion and time spent working on brand content.

“However, it became clear to me that the CEO’s quest was to ensure that one way or the other, she drags my brand into hers by any means necessary.

“Conversations around termination had not even ended before she started sending bits of the engagement to blogs. This is the last I will say on this, my lawyers have sent an email and will take it up from here.”