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He didn’t do crime or juju, it’s grace – Obi Cubana’s wife breaks silence on his source of wealth

• So many questions have been asked on the sources of wealth of businessman Obi Cubana. And he, as well as the wife have continued to cite grace and hard work as what made him rich.

It feels so absurd seeing all the disgusting things people have been saying about the Nigerian businessman, Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana following the lavishing burial of his mom last week in his hometown, Oba, Anambra State.

Obi’s friends, associates and well-wishers made the day memorable as they teamed up to surprise him and his family with so many gifts, including monetary donations.

However, Obi has expressed his amazement over what happened during the mom’s burial and according to him, he never thought people who love him will give him such surprise.

Also, during his recent interview, Cubana made it clear that he is good to people and that’s why he got surprised, adding that he didn’t involve himself in any illegal work to get rich. He cited grace and hard work as the things he could say made him what he is today.

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And joining voice to establish strong stand on the Obi’s source of wealth, his lovely wife Mrs Iyiegbu known on social media as Lush Eby added that her husband’s hard work and grace made him rich. She noted that he never did any crime or juju to get rich.

Mrs Lush advised that people shouldn’t get it twisted with good things happening in their family, matter of fact, she warned that whoever believes what is being spread on the internet is doing that to his or her own peril.

She wrote: “Am still trying to figure out what happened last weekend…but all I can see is GRACE!!! My brother, no be juju. no be crime. It’s just GRACE! The man is grace personified.

“Don’t get it twisted. Stop the hate & celebrate God’s grace upon his chosen one. What you celebrate is what you attract. Like he said, WORK HARD!
Whom God has blessed…

“NB: pls don’t believe everything you read on social media

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