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Media Entrepreneur Opata Efungwu describes how Nigerians will benefit from Twitter ban

• According to the business man, banning Twitter in Nigeria now would help citizens a lot during the 2023 election, because by then, if government bans it, everyone must’ve mastered the use of VPN.

Nigerian man and Media Entrepreneur Opata Efungwu has made a clearer description of how Twitter ban will help Nigerians in a long run.

It would be recalled that Nigeria government on Friday, June 4 issued a order through its Ministry of Communication and Tourism banning the micro-blogging and social networking app Twitter indefinitely from operating in the country.

Following the announcement, the federal government mandated network providers such as MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat on Saturday to block Nigeria’s online access to the platform.

And since the ban, Nigerians have vowed to continue using Twitter through VPN (Virtual Private Network) and as we report, many people are confirming that it’s worth it, even though there had been advice from mainstream media on the pros and cons of using the private network.

However, one of the people who have used it comes out to share why he feels Twitter ban in Nigeria will benefit the citizens more. And according to him, it’s good government ban it now so Nigerians have enough time to learn how to make use of VPN.

And reason he stated that being that Twitter will be very important in 2023 general election.

He noted further saying that assuming government bans it during election, it would be worse for the country because people won’t have time to start learning to use VPN.

He gave an instance saying that currently in Dubai, WhatsApp is banned but everyone he knows there uses it through VPN and this shows that VPN is now a normal thing.

He wrote; “It’s good they ban it now so Nigerians have enough time to learn how to use VPN, because this Twitter will be very important in 2023 elections.

“If they ban it for the first time during elections, it would be worse for us a country. WhatsApp is banned in Dubai but everyone I know there uses it through VPN. VPN is now a normal thing to them. Lets make it a normal thing here jare.”

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