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HYPOCRISY: Between BBNaija’s Lucy and Nengi’s supporters

• Some of Nengi’s supporters exchanged words online with Lucy who they accused of being too hypocritic, and now indulging in all that she criticized Nengi of doing in the House

It’s almost eight (8) months after the Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television show and so many persons still remind the ex-housemate Lucy Edet of her hypocritic behaviour.

You could recall that during the Lockdown show, the squabble between Lucy and her co-housemate Nengi was one of the major fights that ensued in Biggie’s House. And based on the outcome of the day’s fallout, supporters of each Housemates have stood by them.

The main concern about all these was how Lucy verbally knocked Nengi for wearing indecent dresses in the House, which according to Lucy proved Nengi wears them to lure the male Housemates like Ozo to herself.

Nonetheless, Lucy later apologized for her wrong and the matter was resolved and both of them came back in talking terms.

However, it seems the fans don’t wish to know whether Lucy has tendered apology or not, they kept on with their reminder that Lucy now turns out to be doing all that she harassed Nengi.

People feels that Lucy began dressing indecently outside the House and she does it in a more embarrassing way, even though she’s not ashamed of herself.

In a recent comment on her Instagram page, some Nengi’s supporters identified as @mizem_ and @julietmondayooo slammed Lucy for putting on the outfits she dissed Nengi of wearing in the House.

@mizem_: “Is nice to see the dressing you condemned in the house is now ur reality. Happy Sunday.”

@julietmonday000: “@mizem_ ewu. Was it not nengi’s dressing she condemned in the house? Seems you don’t use your brain at all when you post.”

Then, Lucy in her response told the Nengi’s fans that they’re still misunderstanding the whole incident that happened back in the House and if they should get her a proof of where she voluntarily condemned Nengi’s dress, she will pay them.

Lucy insisted that she said whatever she said out of anger and the fact remains that she apologized and everything was cleared and forgotten there and then. She added that people should stop calling fight that happened months ago judgement because she never meant her words.

The Cross Rivers State-native also warned that anyone who comes to her page to slander any of her mates or co-reality star would be blocked immediately.

She said: “First to bring proof gets the money! If there is no proof, let it be the last time anyone will spread false accusations with my name in it, thanks.

“iamlucyedet @julietmonday000 please dear, furnish us all with proof! Because I am tired of this false assumption that you guys have spread all these months! I dare you to provide even a few seconds where l ever judged anyone’s outfit, even outside the house.

“Let’s make it fun, I’ll give anyone that finds a footage of me judging nengi for her outfit a sum of 100,000 naira. I know exactly what I said but your low thinking minds chose to think it was something as shallow as clothes that I was talking about.

“So please go and call all your village people to help you find the footage dear, cuz I know you need this cash so badly for data to dig up stuff of months ago anyway. People are tagging me in fight and calling in judgement! Wow! Mitccwww.

“I thought I just sat down and judged someone. Mitccwww! Please move on! It was a fight. That happened millions of years ago and I apologized over and over till we both had peace. Move the fck on! IT WAS A FIGHT! I never judged! I just said sht at the heat of the moment and it ended there! Move the f*ck on! Nobody gets the 100k! Get a job!.

“No slander on any housemate will be tolerated on my page. I will delete such comments! And block you since you don’t value seeing my post! Be guided.”