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Day 6: BBNaija Reunion: Here’s what actually caused Lucy and Kaisha’s fight

• To our own understanding, during Reunion show, Kaisha came up with the incident that happened outside the House which involved her mom. And she reminded Ka3na how disrespectful it was for her to insult her mom by refusing to take a picture with her.

• Then, diverting the topic to Lucy, Kaisha cautioned that she (Lucy) shouldn’t mention her mom in her mouth, with Lucy asking if it was about a different incident that involved fruit, hence the fight.

We could say that the highpoint of BBNaija Lockdown Reunion show, Day 6, Episode 6 which aired on Thursday, June 24 was the physical fight between Lucy and Kaisha.

Although the fight was as a result of an incident that happened during a party outside the Lockdown House which Kaisha’s mom attended as well as other Lockdown Housemates.

Kaisha revealed at the Reunion that Ka3na did something that they were supposed to discuss and sort out among themselves, but it seems to her Ka3na wouldn’t own up her wrongs.

Kaisha said that Ka3na disrespected her mom that party night when her mom demanded that she wants to take a picture with her.

According to Kaisha, her mom sent her sister to call Ka3na so she could take picture with her but Ka3na refused, instructing that the person should come to her for the picture, or probably in her House.

Ka3na’s response irritated everyone including Kaisha’s mom as she (Kaisha) told Ebuka at the Reunion show.

But Ka3na insisted that she doesn’t know that it was Kaisha’s mom that wanted to take pictures with her, adding that when Kaisha’s sister came to tell her that someone wants a picture with her, she heard the person say ‘manager’ and not ‘mama’ because the party room was noisy.

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However, Kaisha diverted the topic of the day to Lucy, cautioning that she shouldn’t mention her mom with her mouth again.

Then, recalling what could have made Kaisha to tell her that, Lucy asked her if it was about the ‘fruit thing’ and to our own understanding, fruit must have caused a problem between Lucy and Kaisha in the past.

And as Lucy asked Kaisha if it were about the fruit thing, adding if her mom was the fruit, Kaisha angrily threw a pillow at her, with Lucy retaliating with a hot slap at Kaisha’s face.

Watch video below to see the action.