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Na me get Nigeria – Singer Naira Marley replies actress Ada Ameh, others blasting him over his sexual fantasy

• Many people have been on Naira Marley’s neck following his controversial statement on his sexual fantasy, although he has repeatedly replied them insisting that he’s expressing himself.

A day ago, Nigerian popular singer Naira Marley took to his social media page and shared cryptic posts about his sexual fantasy where he unashamedly noted that he wants to sleep with a mother and daughter.

Naira added that the mother shouldn’t be anything more that 40 years old and the daughter should be 18 or above.

“I’m still gonna have s*x with mother and daughter 2gether one day sha. The mum should be younger than 40 and the daughter should be 18 or over,” he posted.

Following his post, many people came at him suggesting he stopped misleading younger supporters looking up to him. They went as far as saying that the music star must be having some mental issues.

Then, actress Ada Ameh who shared a video on her Instagram page asked Naira Marley if something is really wrong with him because that’s not how a public figure like him should present himself to the people who already know about him.

Miss Ameh encouraged him to check the likes of Don Jazzy and emulate such a decent lifestyle and stop blabbing rubbish all in the name of being a celebrity.

However, shortly after the actress’ video went viral on the internet, the Soapy crooner returned with a response to Ada as well as others who blasted and are still blasting him over his freedom of expression.

The singer insisted that he’s still going to express himself again and again because if people don’t believe in freedom of expression for the people they despise, then no one believes in what he said.

He added that he owns Nigeria and people should know it and know peace.

“Don’t u watch pornhub & xvideos? They’re already fvcking mother and daughter together there. Loooooool it sounds bad but it’s not bad if they’re both old enough and they agreed to it,” he began.

“If we dont believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all. Na me get nigeria Know this and know peace,” Naira warned.

“Its the fact that we are all talking about my sexual fantasy 👿👿👿👿 😍😍 that’s too fvcking littt. I love it. Lets talk about my d!ck after,” he said

“Also I wanna do it with ur girlfriend while shes on the phone to u.

“Na only me get crazy fantasy ni? Maybe Im crazy sha I still wanna do it in d cab with my girl and I want the taxi man to be Igbo man,” he insisted.