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I used to help Bobrisky wear his fake buttocks and pampers – Estranged PA Kyme Oye reveals (video)

• More woes for Bobrisky as Kyme makes another videos telling the world how he lives fake and reckless life, including not helping his family who she said has wretched members.

Former Personal Assistant to controversial cross-dresser and Ivorian lady Kyme Oye has shared more prove that her reason to leave the cross-dresser’s house centered around the maltreatment she received from him.

You could recall that few days ago, Kyme cried out that Bobrisky asked her to leave his house after they had issue on why his hair stylist didn’t come after he was called.

The lady explained that Bobrisky instructed her to call his hair stylist to come and loose his hair but the stylist couldn’t make it that day. The next day, Bobrisky called Kyme to explain why the stylist was absent. On trying to narrate to him, Kyme said Bobrisky couldn’t allow her to talk and began hitting her with speaker.

This made the young lady decide to leave Bob’s house back to her country Ivory Coast where she revealed more about Bobrisky’s life and his inhuman treatment.

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In a video shared by Miss Oye, she narrated how she has been working hard for Bobrisky, including shaving his chest filled with hair, dressing him up, serving him food and helping him to wear his fake buttocks and pampers he uses for his cross-dressing business.

“I have been working with Bobrisky, doing my work as a Personal Assistant, shaving his chest full of hair, helping him to dress, helping him to wear his clothes, help him to pick his food, helping him to do everything, helping him to wear his fake ass, his pampers,” she said.

She also revealed in another video saying that Bobrisky never lived in his own house. According to her, he has been living in a hotel where he meets his fellow gaya and cross dressers.

And prevalent issues about the cross dresser is that toilets in his house are not working, plus his elder brother who he has refused to help and allowed to be serving and following him up and down like goat. Kyme advised him to start helping his family including his father who’s in the village.

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She said; “Arrange your house, arrange your toilet, your unflushing toilet. Stop going to another person’s house. Stop going there. Arrange your house.

“Fake life. Help your family. Help your brother that is following you like goat, that doesn’t have work, help your elder brother.

“You’re just laying to people on Instagram, ‘I have this, I have that’ – but your parents are living in Ejigbo, your father is living in Ejigbo. I went there, several times, I was there.

“Your brother, elder brother is living in Ikorodu, if you have money, why not build a house in Lagos and put them there. Why is your brother following you everywhere like animal, cleaning your shoes, is it a life?”

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