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Man advises BBNaija fans on why they should stop ‘shipping’ PriDo and Kiddrica (video)

• ‘Shipping’ is popular word coined from relationSHIP by BBNaija fans and usually serves as the easiest way to recognize two BBNaija reality stars in a relationship.

Popular vlogger and online critic, Oluwa-Tosin Silverdam has cordially advised Big Brother Naija fans on the reason to desist from supporting and forcing the reality stars, like Prince and Dorathy, Erica and Kiddwaya into relationships.

In a video shared via his social media platforms, Tosin stated that it’s of no good pressurizing these gentlemen and ladies to love themselves.

And for the fact that Prince and Dorathy unfollowed themselves on social media, he added that it’s the best thing for them to do in order to minimize fans’ interference in their private lives.

Even though Tosin wondered what happened between the lovebirds and why Erica and Kiddwaya haven’t been seen together, he insists fans should let them be as they’ve wished for themselves.

She stated, “What’s going on with these people, PriDo and Kiddrica? What’s going on between them because as it is now, Prince and Dorathy unfriend each other, now Erica and Kiddwaya, you don’t see them together anymore.

“And I’m wondering, what could have happened between them? I think enough is enough of this shipping or shipper or whatever you guys call it.

“These people needs to focus on themselves like, focus on themselves. Erica needs to focus on herself, Kidd on himself, Prince focus on himself and Dorathy, they need to focus on themselves. They don’t even need all these shipping, it doesn’t make any sense.

“I don’t know why people are still shipping. And that shipping sounds somehow.

“But anyway, it’s better like this, it’s far far better like this, because I don’t fancy all these shipping of a thing.

“Whatever, I don’t fancy them. I don’t fancy all these things. They need to be on their own, focus on themselves, like, it’s far far better than all these shipping, shipping.“

Watch video below.