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Watch Ultimate Love Rosie’s response after her son Jeremy asked about his ‘dad’ Kachi (video)

• Rosie told her son in a live Instagram video that Kachi is no longer his daddy, (even though Jeremy isn’t his biological son.)

• The Ultimate Love star made sure she convinced her son to forget about Kachi who according to her isn’t in love with her anymore.

A video is currently making the rounds on internet and it was an Instagram live visual of Ultimate Love season 1 co-winner Rosemary Afuwape aka Rosie and her son Jeremy.


In the video, Rosie was seen having conversation about her ex-partner Ucheagwu Onyekachi Bartholomew also known as Kachi with Jeremy who was heard asking her about his ‘daddy’.

Rosie in her response told Jeremy that Kachi is no longer his daddy and he should stop mentioning his name as daddy.

The son insisted that he wants to talk with Kachi who he knows as his daddy and friend, but Rosie objected adding that she has gotten rid of his phone number and can’t reach him.

The conversation reads below.

Jeremy: Where is my daddy that’s my friend?

Rosie: Who’s your daddy that is your friend?

Jeremy: That daddy I saw yesterday that’s my friend.

Rosie: (laughs) What’s his name?

Jeremy: Kachi.

Rosie: I don’t know where he is.

Jeremy: Did he went to Lagos?

Rosie: No. He’s in Abuja. But he’s not your daddy anymore. I told you.

Jeremy: He should be in court.

Rosie: (laughs) Don’t say that, not nice. He’s not your daddy anymore, but he’s your friend.

Jeremy: I want to talk to my daddy.

Rosie: I told you he’s not your daddy.

Jeremy: I want to talk to my friend.

Rosie: I don’t even have his number again. I’ve told you. Kachi is not your daddy. Don’t say that again.

Watch video.

Rosie had made sure nothing about Kachi is brought up around her again as was noticed in the conversation with her son, Jeremy.

You could recall that in November 2020, the Ultimate Love season 1 co-winners broke up after rumours about theirs irreconcilable differences went viral.

Rosie went to the extent of approaching MultiChoice who supposed to sponsor their compulsory wedding ceremony to terminate and call it off after she claimed Kachi broke up with her.

Kachi in his side of story revealed that after he got Rosie pregnant, she decided to abort the baby claiming she had a miscarriage. These and many other reports proved the lovebirds couldn’t keep their vows of marrying each other as winners of the reality love show.