Fans blast BBNaija’s Wathoni after she advised male lovers to kiss their strange partners without consent

β€’ BBNaija 2020 star Wathoni wasn’t in her right senses before making a post about a male partner going ahead to do whatever he wants with his female counterpart without consent.

It didn’t go well with Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television star and ex-housemate Wathoni Anyansi after she shared a post on Twitter advising male lovers to kiss their female partners without consent.


As important as seeking for consent before doing anything with your partner in a relationship, Wathoni missed out on the fact stating that it’s okay for a boy to kiss a girl without seeking for her consent.

According to Wathoni, when a boy asks his partner if he can kiss her with no immediate response from the opposite party, he should proceed with that.

Wathoni added that the likely consequence of the boy’s action will be to get a dirty slap from the lady.

β€œCan I kiss you? Why ask when you can make the move dear. Highest you chop slap πŸ‘½,” she tweeted.

However, social media users who saw the post began reacting to it. And most of them believe Wathoni still has a lot to learn about consent.

They suggest there’s no way a boy can step forward to kiss a girl without asking for it and be given a positive order.

And if after asking for it and the lady insists, the male counterpart has committed a punishable offense if he doesn’t heed to the insistence.

See some of the reactions below.