How I worked harder to build my art house after applying for BBNaija 3 times – Mural artist Cera Cerni

• Muralist, Ceracerni didn’t sit back at home to allow frustration and rejection from life’s struggles to weigh her down.

• She kept pushing until she achieved her dream which was building one of the notable art hubs in the city of Lagos.

A young Nigerian lady identified on social media as Cera Cerni (@ceracerni) has inspired thousands of people after she posted about her hustle and how she made it this far with the completion of her Art House in Lekki, Lagos State.


Miss Cerni took to her pages on Saturday, January 23 and shared photos of the house coupled with a story narrating her struggles from the work she chose for herself after graduating as Computer Scientist.

She made mention that it took her three (3) years of speaking to investors, mailing out business proposal, applying for Big Brother Naija reality TV show and getting rejected to build her brand and now she has finally achieved the foremost phase of her dream.

Cera Cerni wrote, “IT TOOK ME 3 YEARS!!! 3years of speaking to investors and getting a slamming NO! 3years of mailing out my business proposal but no replies! 3years of trying to get into Big Brother House to win the money and set up my business myself, only to almost die in a stampede! 3years of begging anyone out there to buy into my dreams! 3years of sleepless nights(See My Bio)! Finally it’s here! I present to you… CERACERNI’s ARTHUB in Lekki 😩.

“I suffered psychologically because every time I told myself “it’s not by force! Nobody sent you! You don’t have to put yourself through this stress”. And I try to give up, then I loose more sleep.

“A girl waited 2 years for me to get this project going because she was eager to learn how to draw, but when it was taking too long- I had to tell her to move on with her life.

“It’s an ART SCHOOL, a SIP & PAINT place, an EXHIBITION center, a POTTERY base, and a SELFIE museum!!!.

“This is not a “Oh I worked hard to get here post” this is a “We have a HUB, come and enroll to learn a painting skill, couples can come and mold pot with their hands like those romantic oyinbo movies” 😁.

“Ehn hennnn!!! I remember talking to a potential investor and the person said he has a problem with the name of the Hub. And if I will add his name then we can do business 😩🤦🏼‍♀️😧🙆🏼‍♀️.

“Another one said how will he know that I’ll not use the invested money to buy bone straight hair or sort out personal issues 😩😩😩.

“Everyone’s priorities are different. I will wear bone straight hair when my dreams have allowed me to sleep 🤦🏼‍♀️.

“You guys. I dinot change my rav4(2002) because my savings account was laughing at me. My manager said “Sarah we have to repackage you. You need a “sleek car””and I told him,“I’ll change my car when my dreams allow me to sleep 😩”.

“My eyes have seen. This story will be continued later… LAWMA people have come to carry the waste bin. We need to start paying Bills 😂.

“Please call 08061176101 for Bookings, Enquires and Enrollment ☎️. We launch in March 2021! @ceracernis_arthub.”

Meanwhile, via her website,, we came across a short bio of her and it reads,

“Ceracerni, is arguably one of the most recognized and sought after female mural/aerosol artist in Lagos, Nigeria.

“Having created some of the most well known public murals this year, she has completed several murals and canvases for notable clients like MTN, Heiniken, Polo club, the list goes on.

“Her work can also be found in most cities in Nigeria with very high reputation. It has also earned her the awards of Best female artist, BBC interviews 2015 and 2016.”

Image Credit – @ceracerni – Instagram