BBNaija’s Khafi hates Erica’s fans and this is why

• Khafi was completely annoyed that Erica’s fan who trolled her sometime in the past has come to play peace and love card over Erica’s predicament.

• Erica had earlier begged her supporters to desist from insulting any of her colleagues in her name.

Former Pepper Dem reality television star and ex-housemate, Khafi Kareem has warned a fan of Erica identified as Truth_Icon1 to keep her name off her mouth.


In the last few days, there had been social media fight going on between Erica‘s fans and Kiddwaya after an interview made rounds which had Kidd deny being in relationship with anyone including Erica.

The statement from the interview left Star Girl’s supporters in state of quagmire which made them began blasting Kiddwaya. But Erica didn’t go in support of what her fans did, so, she shared a post asking that they shouldn’t insult anyone in her name.

However, one of Erica’s fans identified as Truth_Icon1 took to her Instagram page soliciting peace for Erica who she thinks deserves better for herself rather than being insulted by rival fans all the time.

And using Khafi, Nina and Bam Bam as example, this social media user urged Erica to keep being strong as she would survive like her colleagues mentioned above.

truth_icon1 wrote, “No one deserve to get ‘used to insults’ Erica was the happiest, playful and baby of the lockdown house, she was so calm, peaceful, mind her business and was only seen with people she likes Feedwire and Wasiu. She loved feedwire but wasn’t getting the love she gave back, she admired her friendship with Wasiu but he stabbed her at the back and allowed a Veenom Vee to call Erica all kind of nasty names on live tv.

“She thought she and Nengi could be besties but Nengi was interested in the man she loved outside the house an organization of Patriarchy was formed on her head because she rejected their winner Wasiu. Outside the house an organization of slut-shamers was formed because she had some lovey dovey moments with Feedwire outside the house a handful of bulies, trolls, haters, bloggers, influencers and media were formed just because they thought she would defeat their winner to win the prize money.

“Y’all made my Erica so sad, y’all made my girl cry, y’all made my innocent playful baby to get used to insults, y’all made my Queen so sad but you all failed because as long as she is still breathing and alive she will conquer and excel in all areas of her life.

“Erica you are great person. You are a queen. A conqueror. A winner A survivor. You will get past whatever you are going through now, you will survive it and you will never get used to insults. Nina survived, bambam survived, Khafi survived, you will survive it.

“I love you so much @ericanlewedim and ‘m emotionally invested in your life, your career, your brand, your desires, your love life and everything that concerns you my Queen.”

Reacting to this post by Truth_Icon1, Khafi strictly warned that her name be kept away from her mouth because it’s same person trying to play peace and love card that trolled her in the past and she wouldn’t condone it.

Khafi wrote, “Keep my name out of your mouth. You guys on this app cannot pick and choose to play the mental health / peace & love card when you choose. You are the same person who was trolling me who was saying all sorts of disgusting things about me and did you think of me surviving it then?

“No you didn’t. Your sole aim was to destroy me emotionally, mentally and destroy my reputation societally. But God is bigger. I normally keep quiet and don’t respond to such nonsense but don’t you dare use me as an example because I did not survive what I survived because of you.

“Your hate and sick attitude are the reason for many peoples’ heartaches on here. And yes, your hypocrisy STINKS. So please, pick your words carefully. And in future be kind to EVERYBODY, not just those you support. Signed, a survivor of online hate and abuse.”