BBNaija’s Erica advises fans on how to handle Kiddwaya and his manager following their gang up against her

• Erica is fed up with toxicity on social media and has decided to come with advice on how her fans should handle whoever comes against her.

• Kiddwaya also shared a peacemaking tweet indirectly responding to Erica’s advice to her supporters.

It’s few days after BBNaija 2020 star Kiddwaya’s controversial interview with Punch made the rounds, his colleague, Erica’s fans are still kicking against what Kidd said, but Erica wants peace.


You could recall that during the interview, Kiddwaya, who has been known by all to be in a romantic relationship with Erica denied being in love with anyone by saying he doesn’t have a love life.

Erica’s supporters have completely come against Kiddwaya and slammed him for honouring an interview just to clout chase with Erica.

Star Girl’s fans have also investigated about a claim by Kiddwaya that an Elite sent him a DM blasting him about the interview, when in actual sense, the direct message (DM) was a plan between Kiddwaya and his manager Linek. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

However, following the trailing reactions on social media, Erica took to her Twitter page on Tuesday, January 12 to advise her supporters on how to handle the whole situation.

And according to her, the fans should stop insulting anyone in her name because the year had already began on a negative note and shouldn’t continue to be so.

She added that even if she gets insulted by anyone, (including Kiddwaya and his manager Linek’s gang up against her) it’s something she has been used to. So, the best thing to do is get rid of every negative energy.

“Please don’t insult anyone in my name. This year started negative but it doesn’t have to continue being negative, if I get insulted by people it is now something I’m used to so please remove yourself from every negative energy 🙏🏾,” Erica tweeted.

Tweeting further, Erica opened up that she doesn’t intend remaining on Twitter as a result of too many toxicity in there. She has decided to go and come from time to time.

“I don’t intend to remain on twitter because honestly I don’t enjoy being here anymore. I will probably come from time to time. Bye,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, some minutes after Erica shared her posts, Kiddwaya came with a peacemaking tweet urging fans to spread love and positivity rather than attack him.

“Let’s continue to spread love and positivity and stop attacking each other. We were family once upon a time. This world is big enough for all of us to flourish. 2021 will be everyone’s year. Amen!,” Kiddwaya advised.