Why there should be no BBNaija WhatsApp group – Vlogger Tosin advises (video)

• Tosin opined that BBNaija stars doesn’t need any WhatsApp group for themselves because none of them love each other.

• Plus the fact that many of them are faking friendship, Tosin insisted that creating the group doesn’t make sense. (read ahead)

Controversial vlogger, Oluwa-Tosin Silverdam has stated reason Big Brother Naija stars should stop creating WhatsApp groups for themselves.


Tosin, who took to his Instagram page said that creating WhatsApp for ex-Big Brother Naija reality stars doesn’t make any sense because they don’t love each other.

He continued, adding that it’s very obvious most of the reality TV stars are faking friendship and beefing each other. So why would they be in the same WhatsApp group?

Tosin also affirmed that if he were Nengi, he would do same thing by staying away and decline joining the group because it’s full of drama.

You could recall that few days ago, a video of Nengi in Abuja with her fans made the rounds. And in the video, the reality star was heard telling her fans why she refused belonging to their WhatsApp group.

She made it clear that she hates pretense and forcing friendship. And since many of her colleagues don’t like her, there was no need joining the group.

Tosin said in his video, “So, Nengi said she’s the only one that doesn’t belong to their WhatsApp group because she doesn’t force friendship.

“I’m not going to blame her but first of all, what is the WhatsApp group for? I don’t understand. Why are they creating WhatsApp group? For what?

“Does it even make any sense? The WhatsApp group doesn’t make any sense because you guys don’t like each other. You guys are beefing each other.

“It’s very obvious that you guys don’t like each other, so why creating WhatsApp group? Forcing friendship, faking friendship and that doesn’t make any sense.

“I won’t blame Nengi. If I was her, I want my peace. I don’t want drama. I will just stay away from that group, because you guys are not friends. What would you guys now be talking, you’re not friends. Most of you are faking the friendship.

“Especially the ladies, I don’t understand them. You people are full of drama. But then again, Nengi said she doesn’t want to be in the group, even though she’s also a drama queen.”

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