‘Marriage is just 2 rings and 2 adults, it’s never a priority’ – BBNaija’s Tacha insists

• BBNaija 2019 star advises women to cease from taking marriage too seriously as it’s never a priority.

• She urged everyone who isn’t satisfied with whatever is being encountered in the marriage to leave.

Big Brother Naija season 4 Pepper Dem reality television star and ex-housemate, Natacha Akide aka Tacha has insisted that marriage isn’t that important as so many people thought.


The reality star advised that people should desist from attaching so much importance to the union because it’s never a priority.

Tacha also added that the narrative shouldn’t always be pushed that women need marriage more than the male counterparts.

Matter of fact, if any woman isn’t satisfied with the marriage or it isn’t working for her, she should leave and save herself the psychological trauma.

Tacha wrote, “Y’all there’s so much more to this LIFE than 2Rings and 2Adults. I beg you! If it isn’t working ‘LEAVE’.

“Stop pushing the Narrative that women need this “MARRIAGE” thing more. It’s not a BIG DEAL.

“And I hate the fact that we’ve been brainwashed over time.

“Marriage isn’t/shouldn’t be a PRIORITY. It’s not a DO/DIE affair.

“Y’all just stop attaching this much important to the “union”. It’s Rings and 2Adults. IT’S NOT A PRIORITY. The Lame *ss mentality needs to stop.”