‘Dora pretends a lot’ – BBNaija fans alleged after Dorathy met and greeted Tacha unusually (video)

• Some set of BBNaija fans have reacted to the video of Dorathy and Tacha meeting for the first time.

• The fans alleged that Dorathy was pretending and doing as if she has feud with Tacha by greeting her in an unusual way.

Fans and supporters of Big Brother Naija season 4 Pepper Dem reality television star, Tacha have alleged that season 5 Lockdown reality television star, Dorathy is always pretending.


This allegation came after a video of the both reality stars exchanging pleasantries made the rounds on internet.

In the video, the fans stated that Dorathy seemed to be pretending as to how she greeted Tacha like they have some feud with each other.

In actual sense, the fans felt Dorathy would have acted like she saw her senior colleague by at least screaming and hugging her happily. But as seen in the video, Dorathy did as if she’s holding grudges.

Meanwhile, reason Dorathy may have done that was because she’s not close to Tacha as she is with Tacha’s co-housemate, Mercy Eke who according to reports, was the main Housemate Dorathy supported during the BBNaija Pepper Dem show in 2019.

However, after a social media user, @terot202010 initiated the comment that Dorathy is always pretending, other users came with responses to the comment with different opinions.

Watch video and check out the reactions below.

@terot202010 commented, “Dora always pretending.”

And other social media users, @bless6159, @bigsammytt, @diamond_nuel, @lymart201 replied,

@bless6159, “@terot202010 she should lick your favs a*s na!! You fans are delusional and at this point this your opinion nor follow!! Rest my dear rest.”

@bigsammytt, “@terot202010 na mercy dey feed her! Dorathy doesn’t know how to do by force friendship! She doesn’t just gel with Tacha abeg.”

@diamond_nuel, “@terot202010 pretending how? I like what she did please, were you expecting her to jump like others for seeing tacha? come on, no be same reality tv show they went difference of one year.“

@lymart201 “@terot202010 what do u mean by Dora is pretending? re they friend before, do they comment on each other postu all well known that Dora is Mercy fav hm nd she supported her wholeheartedly, mercy nd tacha were not in gud terms, don’t mean Dora should support mercy by ignoring tacha, what I mean is that she don’t know if tacha will ignore her if she first greeted her, the best she can do is to remain calm nd watch tacha’s action, when tacha greeted her she responded as well, mean why if Dora wanted to ignore tacha,she won’t walk to tacha’s direction, my queen Dora is not forcing friend like wise she’s not bitter,love u dorathy, haters be calming down.”

Refer to the screenshot below.