BBNaija’s Lucy vows to fight tooth and nail to expose her traitor

• BBNaija’s Lucy seems to be having a very big business issues with someone who she has kept on calling out on social media.

• Lucy indicated that the issue isn’t about her co-reality star but her brand.

At a glance, we thought Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television star and ex-housemate, Lucy Edet Essien was indirectly blasting her colleague.


But after going through most of the long social media rant, we noticed that an unknown individual has triggered Lucy to go out of patient with whatever business they had together.

The reality star kept mentioning that she would change back to being a bad person since the traitor has decided to take her for granted.

Lucy only wants the person in question to get back to her via dm, email or phone call. And if after 24 hours, she didn’t hear from the person, she would be pushed to mention a name.

Lucy wrote on Twitter, “I want to go back to being the bad person I’ve always been. Some people don’t deserve good.

“I was never unstable.. I just saw shit not working and spotted it from a million miles, nagged about it for the longest time hoping for change that never came..

“When you’re my kind of bad, you just don’t take shit from people and they can’t walk all over you, being nice and trying to follow peace with all men isn’t working.. I need shit done and in time, or clear road.

“You’ll be doing things and considering people’s feelings and they’ll be acting like demigods… Alaye please… You have the connects, I get it.. All these years I survived…30 damn years… I can do a few more on my own… just take your hands of the reigns..

“I’ve been upset for a long time now, just been holding back so I’ll have my good name.. But fuck it… You want numbers so badly, you’re about to get it.

“There are those who can see through bullshit, they should be protected at all cost.

“You don’t talk and same people tell you why didn’t you speak sooner so you could be helped.. For starters, it’s about my brand, not my Co-housemates.

“I know that many are used to everything being about clout, but I can assure you, this isn’t one of those cases.. There is actual fire on the mountain and I’ve sat still for too long, because if you talk, you’re told others have issues and hide it why are you the one shouting.

And she continued on Instagram where she emphasized more on not being ready for drama but if that’s what the person is up to, she’s likely to reciprocate.

She posted on Instastory, “I’m tryng my best to end things on a good note, because you know, bridges and tomorrow and shits, but when someone makes it obvious they want a fight and not a branch you’re stretching… What do you do then!?”

“The drama you seek, won’t be found with me. I can assure you.

“I’m done being paranoid. Someone’s got to share this anger… all the promises and big talks! Where are the results!?

“If I don’t see changes and response to my mail, message, text, dm, tomorrow, I’m adding handles and all the failed promises.

“Alas it’s all brain washing and when e clear; iyanu a shele!”

“That’s how you’ll let things go till you loose yourself in the process.”

Refer to screenshots below.