BBNaija’s Dee One shares reasons Nigerians don’t need 24/7 electricity

• Dee One believes that when there is constant electricity, people tend to misuse their time.

• With 2 hours electricity a day, the reality star insists that someone who wants to iron, watch TV, etc will be serious on time management.

Reality television star cum comedian, Dee One has shared his reason Nigerians don’t need constant electricity.


Dee One, who stated in a video opined that Nigerians should stop comparing themselves with other countries because of how they constantly enjoy electricity.

According to him, 24/7 electricity will do more harm than good to the citizens, who will always be fond of misusing their time.

For instance, Dee One said that someone can utilize a 2 hours a day electricity more than a constant one. This, he added that within the 2 hours, one can do whatever he or she uses the light for, hence managing time for other useful things.

He concluded that government is indirectly teaching the citizens how to utilize time management by not allowing a constant electricity.

He said, “Many people just open their mouth to say we need 24/7 light, you’re comparing Nigeria with other countries, that we need light, 24/7.

“But if you think about it, what do we need light for? Do we even deserve to have light, 24/7? What are we using it for?

“Ok, there’s light you’ll just be watching television like that. Or your bulbs will just be on? We don’t need it.

“And federal government of Nigeria, the government, they’re teaching us something very important that we have not realized over the years. They’re teaching us time management.

“If they give you light now, they give electricity like for may be 2 hours in a day, nobody will tell you to charge your phone, iron, wash your clothes, watch television within that 2 hours. That’s time management for me and it makes sense.

“So, don’t just open your mouth and complain, we need light, we need light. What do you want to use light for? Do you really need it?

“Some of you just turn on your light like that, it doesn’t make sense. I think government is doing a very good job.”

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