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Who among BBNaija’s Tacha and Mercy is the nicest, most stylist, richest? – Opinion

• This article is an opinion presented by vlogger, Oluwa-Tosin Silverdam and countered by Valid Updates.

• You, as the reader may have a different view on what’s written here, so, kindly share them in the comment section after reading.

Looking through the social media, we came across a video shared by popular Nigerian vlogger, Oluwa-Tosin Silverdam presenting his opinion on who among Big Brother Naija season 4, Pepper Dem reality television stars Mercy Eke and Tacha is to be characterized by most feminine depictions.


In our own honest view, Tacha and Mercy has for themselves, one or two or more things each one of them can use to surpass one another.

And in the public view, in terms of the amount of supporters or fans each of them has, there might be one thing known or unknown that they each utilizes more than any other person.

And of course, one person might like doing most thing the other person doesn’t like doing. For instance, Mercy could be seen as a lady who loves living extravagant lifestyle but Tacha wouldn’t be seen as so.

However, in Tosin’s video, you could rightly guess that he supports Tacha more than Mercy Eke even though, the opinion was his and take it or leave it, he will still repeat himself.

Now, after we present Tosin’s view, we will have to counter or balance it with our own view.

Tosin’s opinion states;

Who is the most stylist – Tacha

Who has the most money – Tacha

Who is the nicest – Tacha

Who shops the most – Mercy

Who is the rudest – Tosin

Who keep it the most real – Tacha

Who eats the most – No idea.

Watch video…

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Valid Updates’ opinion

Talking about who is the most stylist, we can say Mercy comes first because, since she won the BBNaija 2019 show, she has employed the expertise of one of Nigeria’s top stylists, Swanky Jerry who helped her earn the award for Best Dressed Female at 2020 AMVCA Awards in March.

Coming to who has the most money or better put, the richest, Mercy Eke tops Tacha again. And our reason is based on the fact that Mercy won the Big Brother Naija season 4 show with a grand prize worth N60 million which included N30 million cash reward. Plus, other benefits attributed to winning the reality TV show.

To ascertain who is the nicest among Mercy and Tacha, we can say both of them are nice ladies, even though people may argue with the fact that Tacha got disqualified from the 2019 show as a result of her attitude. But looking at it the other way, each of them must have shortcomings and that’s part of being human.

On who shops the most, Mercy is unarguably and undoubtedly the more spender than Tacha, because, within the space of one year, Mercy has acquired two cars, Benz and Range Rover for herself. And it could be recalled that after winning the BBNaija show, Mercy bought herself a house worth N75 million in Lagos. These do not mean that Tacha doesn’t spend but Mercy has always been seen shopping and spending most of the time.

If we are asked who keeps it the most real among Tacha and Mercy, we will unapologetically term the question ‘lame’, because the both ladies have been seen and are always seen doing their best on their own. Tacha has launched several brands in her name and Mercy did same. So, both of them keep it real.

The rudest? 🙄… Well, we haven’t met any of them in person but with what we see on the internet, we can balance the opinion that both Mercy and Tacha are rude in their own way.

And who eats the most? 🤔… Thinking back in the 2019 BBNaija House, we can say that Mercy and Tacha love food, but Tacha showed more of a foodie character back in the House than Mercy. Now everyone is outside, the case might be difference.

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