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Ultimate Love star, Kachi narrates how his partner Rosie aborted his baby (video)

• Ultimate Love co-winner, Kachi has revealed many things which were hidden from the public concerning his break-up with partner, Rosie.

• The reality star left everyone to see his ultimate love partner as the bad egg, even though, there seemed a lot Rosie didn’t talk about when she announced their break-up.

Ultimate Love season 1 reality television star, Ucheagwu Onyekachi popularly known as Kachi has shared his side of story on the reason he and the partner, Rosie broke up.

In a recent interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Kachi poured out his heart revealing so many things that went on between him and Rosie in the course of their relationship after winning the Ultimate Love show.

The reality TV star made mention of how Rosie, who was pregnant of his child deceitfully aborted the baby and claimed she had an accident.

According to Kachi, he advised Rosie not to get rid of the baby, but she insisted and went to a pharmacist who administered some drugs to her, and all these were happening behind Kachi who thought at the time that Rosie was still carrying his child.

Kachi also told Chude that most of the things that Rosie had put out on social media concerning what he did to her ranging for the accuse of cheating, and the gist about Kachi’s family demanding Rosie to pay the bride price, amongst others, were all lies.

After these and many other things had happened, Kachi understood what Rosie did, hence his recent breakdown and call to give himself time to heal from depression.

Meanwhile, earlier before Kachi’s interview, Rosie had taken to social media to say all sorts of things regarding what happened between her and Kachi and reason she has decided to call it quit with the relationship.

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It could be recalled that in one of the videos which made the rounds on internet, Rosie was heard saying that she and Kachi were voted for in the TV show to win and not to marry each other.

Matter of fact, Rosie urged her fans to stop putting pressure on her to marry Kachi because they have separated longtime ago.

Their separation and annulment of their wedding ceremony were also approved by MultiChoice, the organizers of the Ultimate Love reality TV show. And according to what Kachi said during his interview, Rosie contacted MultiChoice without his consent to call off their wedding and its sponsorship.

At the moment, we’ve heard from Kachi, and it’s certain Rosie would want to go for her own interview to present her own side of story. Till then, let’s keep an eye on Kachi because he’s going through a lot.

Watch the full interview below…

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