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Ultimate love star Iyke defends his partner Theresa after her fight with a lady

• Iyke warned that the lady who came shooting shots at him should desist from destroying people’s happiness.

• The Ultimate Love star feels that Theresa was only protecting him and people shouldn’t see it as insecurity.

Barely hours after Ultimate Love reality television star, Theresa Ifeoma Ugorji aka Theresa warned a lady who came to her partner, Iyke’s comment section to shoot a shot, Iyke has come out to defend her.

It could be recalled that the lady, identified as Queen-Beatrice lgbagi opened up that she saw Theresa’s man, Iyke as her spec and decided to go to his comment section after he posted a photo to shoot a shot.

Queen-Beatrice told Iyke in the comment that she will be waiting for him whenever he and Theresa break up, meaning that she will be available and willing to date him.

However, Theresa who saw the comment took to the lady’s direct message to warn her to desist from shooting shots at her man.

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Now, Iyke has finally taken to his Instagram page to share his view as he defends his partner for what she did.

Iyke wonders why the lady should see Theresa’s protection of him as insecurity adding that the lady should stop going around destroying people’s happiness.

The reality star assured the lady that she will keep missing her shots as long as he’s in love with Theresa who he is dating to marry.

Iyke wrote, “I reckon that she’s shameless because I cannot fathom how protection is viewed as insecurity, you don’t go around trying to destroy of her people’s happiness.

“I mean how can you come to my comments section and say “you’ll be there waiting till when we break up” because you want to shoot your shot at me, heck God forbid we break up, you’ll shoot your shot and abysmally miss.

“Even after you get found out and called on your BS you still huff and puff like you’re in the right TF! and what the hell happened to women supporting women? feminism rada rada, its the same women that are supporting trash.

“We’re not married yet, yen yen yen, heck we’re dating to marry, I can’t post my girl and I for days on end and you still don’t get the picture. A little respect and self respect goes a long way.”

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