My daughter learnt excessive breast sucking from her dad – Ubi Franklin’s 4th baby mama reveals

• Ubi Franklin’s 4th baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa has revealed that he (Ubi) has so much to do with her daughter’s excessive breast sucking attitude.

• She revealed this after a social media user wondered why girl child loves breast like the male.

Nigerian music executive and businessman, Ubi Franklin’s 4th baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa has revealed where her daughter, Ariella learnt her excessive breast sucking manners from.


On Instagram page, Miss Sandra shared a post stating that she was trying to catch up with some few order that was sent to her and her daughter won’t allow her.

She continued that the daughter, Ariella who was endlessly sucking breast refused stopping to allow her continue with the order assessment.

Then, a social media user, identified as Icm4real took to the comment section and wonders why a female child would love breast so much like the male counterparts.

In her response, Sandra told the commenter that her daughter learnt the excessiveness from her dad, who happens to be Ubi Franklin.

The conversation reads;

@sandraiheuwa; “Trying to catch up with some few orders this weekend and Ariella won’t let me be at this point she can cut off my breast and take it with her.”

@Icm4real; “Never seen a female child that loves breast soo much. You are a wonderful mother, more grace to you.”

@sandraiheuwa “@lcm4real she took it from her daddy.”

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Meanwhile, after several Instagram blogs updated about the Sandra’s comment, she shared a new post debunking that her reply she earlier made on her page was a joke.

She wrote, “If you know me personally you know I play and joke too much. this one I’m seeing my comments everywhere on blogs. Na joke o abeg. Everyone sucked their mother’s breast at one point in their life.”

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