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Fans pressurize BBNaija stars Vee, Praise over lack of endorsement, they react

• Fans and supporters are eager to know why Vee and Praise haven’t secured any endorsement like some of their colleagues.

• Vee has reacted that people should be aware that signing contracts isn’t the only way to succeed, with Praise adding that everything isn’t always competition.

Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television stars and ex-housemates, Praise and Vee have reacted to the messages being sent by their fans over their inability to earn any endorsement deal.

The concerned fans and supporters believe that Vee and Praise aren’t enjoying like some of their colleagues who have secured several endorsement from brands and organisations.

A Twitter user identified as Damilola Damstar expressed how weird and insensitive for people to keep telling Vee that her endorsement is coming soon whenever she congratulates her colleagues.

She added that the only thing needed to be done if you’re concerned is to pray for her and not to keep on tagging her on posts of her friends who are being signed.

Damilola tweeted, “I feel it’s weird & absolutely insensitive to keep telling her hers is coming soon when she congratulates her friends. It’s really awkward, stop it pls. Say it in your mind. If you are that concerned, PRAY FOR HER!

“She’s my fav too. I get bothered about a few things but what can I do? I’d pray for her after I pray for myself and hope for the best. Don’t go to her dm & comments to say insensitive things that’d make her feel some type of way. She should feel safe seeing ur tweets. PLS + TNKS!

“Finally, Not saying don’t express your feelings because it’s definitely from a place of love. But, say it to yourself or at most on your own page not under her tweet or tagging her to it countlessly. It’s draining in my opinion. Thank you.”

However, Vee took to the reply and wrote that she really wished people understood how these endorsements works. She urged people to know that signing contracts for public approval and praise is never the only way to succeed.

“I really wish people understood how these things work. It seems as though people want to attach my success to signing (sometimes strange) contracts for public approval and praise. Anyway sha, the game is the game,” Vee noted.

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Also, Praise took to his Twitter page and shared similar post asking why people keep sending him messages in form of prayer that God of endorsement will locate him.

He advised that people’s destiny is not the same and everything must not be competition.

“It’s funny how people come to my Dm saying things like “may the God of endorsements locate you” “your mates are signing deals you dey here dey do mumu” everyone’s destiny is different, it’s mustn’t always be a competition… Love and Light #SaturdayThoughts #itcanonlygetbetter,” Praise advised.

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