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BBNaija’s Ifu Ennada reveals a shocking reason she’s cursed when it comes to men

• Double Wahala reality TV star, Ifu Ennada had cleared air on why she hasn’t been seen in a serious relationship with any man.

• And as a result of the parasitic form of relationship she has seen herself in over the years, she decided to stay single and work hard for herself.

Big Brother Naija season 3 Double Wahala reality television star and ex-housemate, Iheme Faith Uloma popularly known as Ifu Ennada has opened up on reason she hadn’t been comfortable with men.

Taking to her Instagram story, on Tuesday, November 10, the Abia State-native wrote that she thinks it’s a curse on her when it comes to men.

According to her, most of the relationship she has found herself in, she has been the one spending money all the time. She meant that she never asked men for money, rather, they have all been the one asking and she always gave out.

Ifu Ennada also narrated her ordeals with some of those men who have dated her and she feels it had always being her top priority since then to work for herself and never to beg men for money.

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Ifu Ennada wrote, “I think I’m cursed when it comes to men… A lot of people might not believe this, but I never ask men for money. When I’m in a relationship I give to the man instead and help build him.

“I remember one fool I almost dated in 2018, I went to see him, saw that he had gotten into a 150k debt while trying to impress and I gave him 200k to settle the debt and buy some food for himself. Dude was literally starving and people didn’t know because he was living on past glory, so people didn’t know he was suffering.

“Me & Useless Men Part 22. Writing this, I’m just thinking of all the men I’ve been involved with in the past. There’s none of them I didn’t add value to, even the one with an Influential father- the ldiot knows himself. Maybe, I’m like Paul who isn’t destined to be married.

“I’m not heartbroken o, ah! As a matter of fact I’m glad to be ending the year single even though I started it in a relationship. I’m just expressing myself because an Idiot I had forgotten suddenly resurfaced in my life few days ago and just reminded me of how much of an ingrate he and other men in my life were to me.

“PS: No, I don’t have a character problem, I’m legit the sweetest girl you’ll ever know as a friend or Lover. I just somehow attract Grade A Douchebags.

“I’m going to be 30 in 2yrs and I know my mother is getting ready to present me with “where is the husband talk”. Someone should better tell my mother I have other plans. Let me just make this money first and have sustainable streams of income. I will live my life to the fullest and on my own terms without making men have any significant bearing in my life.

“On a Final Note I love to love and be loved. I love Love Stories and I really thought l’d be one of those with a Fantastic one, but I am coming to terms with the fact that not everyone is destined to have such. I believe Il am destined to be Super Successful and Wealthy, so let me focus on that as my Reality.”

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