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NEW MUSIC: Auric – AKa

“Disclaimer: This song, Aka is a track recorded by Nigerian singer, Auric However, the download link below is authorised by Auric.

The amazing tune is already a hit in Nigeria and is also making waves across countries. This massive rush on the jam is as a result of his last track titled Bae Tonight, there he proved himself worthy. AKa, the sad love confessing tune, story about relationships and heartbreaks.

It is a highly recommended song for all, a try would keep you hitting the repeat endlessly just like a whole lot. What are you waiting for, kindly download, listen and share with friend, make your time memorable with the fast rising African Artist song AKa. Please drop your comments in the box below.





GENRE: Afropop

YEAR: 2020

DURATION: 3 mins 24 secs



Ah ha
You I see world

Oh yeah
Iye iye *3
Nana eh

O na na na naaeh
Iye mama

(Verse 1)
First when I met this girl
Baby tell me say she no go leave me walk away
The girle love me like she wan kpai ehh
I no know na because I gum bar ehh

Because say me I love her I dey feel say I fit trust her
Everything don come dey change
Me I don confuse I no come relate
Asa na still me
Am I still your babe?

I know say you love me so
But since you met my bro love is getting old
Girl i swear to God
Girl you got my soul
All I want from you na to take control.

I know say you love me so
But since you met my bro love is getting old
Baby don’t do this to me
Nne don’t do this to me

And then she tell me say

Oh yea!!!
My baby no want me again make I go my way
(Go my way)
She say she no love me again  imana ogwuchala ehhh
(Ogwuchala ehhh)
My baby no want me she is wanting my brother ehh
(Brother ehh ya)

Nwannem gbagirim aka

(Verse 2)
I remember back then the month of December
I no fit love again I was bitter
And I was thinking dying single was better
Cos anytime I love my heart will always shatter

She step into my life and she mend my heart
A little of her smile makes my life  shine bright
Girl you made me to love
While you crushed on my brother
(You crushed on my brother)
Ass talk to your boo
Tell me my offense
you talk say your love no dey die
I was stuck to your rules
Ogini na eme
Is this reality or just a dream!?

Girl am sorry if did you wrong
Nne biko tell them that am the one
Cos baby loving you
Already loving you
Girlie I don love you pass Romeo

My baby is with another man
She tell am that am nothing but a friend
Cassaonva girl you choose over real Man
girls are the same
Nothing like true love
My love life have been shitty all the same
Am never gonna love I say again
Cos you brake me
My oh my
Mama my baby pls be mine

(Ad lib)

Mama gbajirim aka eh ya
Somebody quench my fire
O Girl I love to touch your body eh
Girl I fit die for your matter eh
Imana ogbajirim aka eh
Mana ogbajirim aka eh
Ah Oh no.
Nwannem gbajirim AKa.