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‘Why Lil Frosh beat me to pulp’ – Girlfriend, Gift Camille narrates

Gift Camille, the girlfriend to former Davido Music Worldwide, DMW rapper, Lil Frosh has finally narrated what transpired between them which led to the young man beating her mercilessly, causing her pains and bruises.

Recall that on Monday, October 5, news broke about Lil Frosh who got signed into Davido’s label less than a year ago indulging in domestic violence against his girlfriend over a mere argument.

Several pictures of the injuries sustained by Miss Camille were also shared by her manager, Mayoks Michael who first broke the news.

Few hours after the reports made rounds, Davido released a press statement through his record label, Davido Music Worldwide terminating Lil Frosh’s recording contract with them.

Now, the victim, Gift Camille, known on social media as thacutegeminme shared a post narrating why Lil Frosh maltreated her. And it was simply as a result of anger which Lil Frosh couldn’t control at the time when Gift was making phone call with her friend, Benita.

Camille wrote; “I’ve been hearing rumors saying i slept with his best friend and other things…well since you all want to know the reason for the beating that led to all this, I will tell you…

“On 15th of September i was on a call with my friend Benita when frosh came in and said I should put on my mobile hotspot cause he wants to do a video call with his mom’s lawyer, I did as he asked but then he was like “who are you on call with, cut the call, cut the call if you’re making call and I’m using your hotspot the network will be slow” Benita then heard his voice and she was like “doesn’t he know you’re on call with me why is he now shouting cut the
call, cut the call.

“Then she hissed and cut the call.. Frosh then got angry and came to me shouting that why is my friend talking to him like that,then he collected my phone and was dialing her number, I told him there’s no need for calling her but he didn’t listen, he carried on when she picked, he started shouting at Benita saying “what the fuck is wrong with you, don’t you know I’m trying to talk to my mom’s Lawyer is that why you talked like that?”

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Then Benita also shouted back at him saying “pls pls pls don’t shout at me l’m not your girlfriend you can’t be shouting at me like that “then she hissed and cut the call, Frosh came back to me saying “can you see what’s happening and you can’t call your friend back to shout at her, Are you mad? Call her now” then i told him to calm down that I’l call her back he should first talk to his mom’s lawyer yet he still didn’t listen his anger kept increasing, he then collected my phone again dialed Benita’s number wen she picked he asked “have i offended you in anyway? Have i insulted you before? ” She said “no” he then said “so why’re you talking to me like that? Are you okay?”

Then Benita said “respect is reciprocal how you talk to me is how I’ll talk to you” then Frosh asked Benita “Do you know you’re playing with death? Na death you dey use play like this o” then Benita in shock “shouted Blood of Jesus, I reject it” then frosh said “just be careful cause you don’t know what you’re playing with and he ended the call” then came to pour out all the anger on me saying “can you see the way your friend is talking to me? Can you see? You can’t even call her back, you can’t even shout at her? You can’t even defend me”

“Then i said “all this happened because you called her back, if you had listened to me wen i told you not to, it wouldn’t have gotten to this, and if you didn’t shout at her she wouldn’t have shouted at you too” that was what i said and before i knew it he started beating me …that was what caused the beating, that was what caused everything.”

“I didn’t sleep with his friend, I didn’t
cheat on him or do any of the things I’ve been seeing on social media…. tried my best to hide this from my dad and keep this from social media but things don’t always go as planned.”

“I did a video call with my friend Zara and she got angry and blew it all up, he still accused me of waiting to use him to get fame, which really hurt me cause I kept begging my dad not to take any actions, besides i already grew my followers myself to 200k plus so what more fame am i looking for? I’m already recognized
even if not everywhere, people already know me…”‘m broken right now but this is something I really just have to address…”

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